Is this safe overclock????

Hi all

So ...finally hit 13000+ on my system after a few overclocks,

I am happy enough with this as thats what I was aiming for, would like to see some comparisons of similiar systems (cant see them in 3dmark06 for some reson theres almost all types of quads to compare with apart from q6600's????....maybe its just me being a prat and cant see it lol)

Anyways what I would like to know is .....the setup I got running it safe????.....see setup below

512 gigabyte 8800gt 750/1800/1000...stock is 700/1715/915 temp never above 66 degress

4 gig (2x2) corsair ddr2 810mhz PC6400c5, 5-5-5-15 t1 volts @ 2.01.............stock is 800mhz 5-5-5-15 T2??? 1.9 volts i think

q6600 2.4 oc'd to 2.59....(this is on stock heatsink but core temps seems sweet never above 70 degress under load) and idles about 38 degress

asus p5n-e sli

The system is running sweet for me but im concerned that it might go bang (hench t1 timings rather than t2...and such like)as im only starting to overclock and dont push it to much

any suggestions or advice would be a great help!

thanks dudes
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  1. well the temps on the cpu looks fair enough to call it safe. Just buy good aftermarket heatsink and then you can push this chip to 3.4ghz and not exceed 67c :]
  2. Cheers dude Thats what I will do then regarding the heatsink as the stock is crap lol

    In regards to the timing settings are they safe? I have no way of telling if they are runing to hot, with t1 rather than t2

    4 gig (2x2) corsair ddr2 810mhz PC6400c5, 5-5-5-15 t1 volts @ 2.01.............stock is 800mhz 5-5-5-15 T2??? 1.9 volts i think

    cheers again
  3. What are you using to load it and what program are you monitoring temps with?

    Get the XIGMATEK HDT-S1283 120mm Rifle CPU Cooler with the XIGMATEK ACK-I7751 Retention Bracket, you won't regret it. Check for clearance, it is tall.
  4. I use prime 95 and speedfan to monitor temps. af for the ram the voltage looks kinda high since it only runs at 810.....with my q6600 at 3.4ghz my ram runs at 943@ 2.0v
    I myself have this heatsink:
  5. max-46, what are you using for load and temps?
  6. at the moment im currently using prime95, and coretemp/speedfan, everything seems cool with the temps, I know though that I despritely need a new heatsink before i can start pushing, I am just concerned that using T1 rather than T2 Command per cycle (I think its called lol) will kill my RAM, I believe that it is meant to be run at T2 according to corsair but ive read on a few forums that if your RAM is stable on it on T1.......would that be correct?

    Also is it better to overclock memory then, try and tighten the RAM timings.....example from 5-5-5-15 say... 4-4-4-12 ?

    Thanks for all the help ppl I appreciate it!
  7. T1 is fine if it is stable. You should not OC your RAM any more. Some people say run the RAM at 1:1 with tighter timings, for less heat. Both are about the same performance.

    Get the HS I linked and start by running with these settings

    Q6600 @ 3G
    FSB @ 333Mhz
    RAM @ 667Mhz 1:1 with tighter timings or 800 5:6 with current timings
    All voltages on auto except RAM set to spec voltage.

    Once you verify temps and stability then try.

    Q6660 @ 3.2G
    FSB @400Mhz
    RAM @ 400Mhz 1:1 with current timings and the voltage set to spec.

    You may need to bump the Vcore a little depending on your CPU.
    You probably won't need to increase Vmch.
  8. nice one Zorg, I will try these settings as son as I get home today apart from the cpu overclock as I still need to get heatsink for it, but will mess around wit it and let you know how it goes.......cheers again for help dude
  9. One other thing guys, when installing a new heatsink.....does the mothetboard always need to be removed? or can it be done without removing it from case?

    cheers guys
  10. Generally the best heatsinks will make you remove the motherboard. The better heatsinks are usually quite a bit heavier than your stock ones so the pushpin system doesn't work quite as well and won't fasten the cooler on well enough. If you are going to buy an aftermarket cooler if it uses the pushpin system you probably just wasted your money.
  11. cheers starkie, thought that was the case but wasnt 100 percent sure, cheers dude
  12. Only get a heatsink with a backplate. the push pin design that mimics the stock cooler is crap. That's why I specifically included the backplate conversion piece in my link above. It is well worth the time it takes to remove the mobo. That's why I buy the HS when I buy the mobo, but it's not a big deal.

    If it is stable don't change any settings until you get a new HS, it makes no sense.
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