overclocking a pair of 8800gt in sli

i have been looking at guides on overlocking the 8800gt in sli but im nervous about doing it because of a few things.

Whats safe GPU operating temps ?
Are there any guides out there that are made for overclocking 8800gt in sli ?
what tools should i use.
and how much can i overclock them on a 610 watt PC&C 90% effciency psu ?

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  1. I have 2 BIOS Flashed OC'd 8800GT in SLI, but I'm running a 1000W P/S, I'm not too sure about your success with a 610W P/S even if it is PCP&C, what is your 12v rail amperage, and is it a single 12v rail.

    Also I'm running aftermarket Zalman GPU coolers, which dropped my idle temps to 41c, keeping them much cooler than the stock coolers did, what are your idle temps?

    I used Riva Tuner to find my OCs, then BIOS flashed the cards to run the OC 726 core/ 1819 shader clock/ 1003 memory, as stock settings, they've been running like that for about 8 months now.

    Both cards individually will OC higher than the settings they're BIOS flashed to, but to stably run them in SLI a lower setting than their max is best.

    You would need to use Riva Tuner to test your cards, and its imperative to keep them cool, but I still have doubts about the P/Ss handling of the OCs.
  2. Well according to PCP&Cs website your PS has a 49A single 12v rail, that should suffice what you want to do.
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