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On startup i have nothing but a blank screen ( with nothing but the HP invent default pic ) and have to enter via task manager to run anything....any ideas ?
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  1. Sounds like a serious problem. Have you tried right clicking anywhere on the desktop and choosing Arrange Desktop Icons>Show Desktop Icons? Beyond that a registry problem could be at hand.
  2. Hiya...unfortunately there is no right working on the desktop....it does not look like being a quick fix..... does it....but i can work with it for now, then i shall have to buy another computer and copy some personal folders over. Thank you
  3. Open the task manager-->new task-->explorer.exe-->that should bring everything back.
  4. Tried that ..... and still no desktop icons or taskbar.....but thanks for the help
  5. Hi,

    After you log on to your computer press ctrl + shift + esc to start task manager, click File >> New Task and type regedit.exe

    Windows Registry window will open up and navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE >> Software >> Microsoft >> Windows NT >> Current Version >> Winlogon once, but don’t expand it, Locate shell and change it value to explorer.exe, even if it is explorer.exe already retype it.
  6. Do you get the same thing in safe mode?

    If yes, boot into safe mode with command prompt. At the prompt, type:
    and press enter. That will open the system restore points. You can roll back to before the problem started.
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