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hello. i have a 19" sony trinitron hmd-a400 and just recently, as in last night, my screen has started to "jitter". it's not a huge jitter, but the screen seems to shake extremely fast...just enough to blur things up a bit.

wow this is annoying. i usually spend a few hours a day on my comp but i can't spend 10 minutes on here with this.
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  1. ok, every other resolution works without any jittering except for the one i've been using for several months now (1280x960) with no problems before.
  2. I have a Gateway2000 Vivitron 17" that I bought second hand about a year ago, might be the same thing you're describing. The upper right corner in particular is affected, it's almost a flickering, but more closely resembles a visual vibration or shaking. Not as noticeable on the lower right or upper left, and focusing on the lower left the image looks rock solid. Deflection coils going out maybe? Anyway, I ordered a new monitor just in case!
  3. HA! Well, this may not apply in your case, but further troubleshooting accidently stumbled over the answer to mine - electromagnetic interference. As a former US Navy Avionics tech I have a basic knowledge of CRTs, and I know enough about the magnetic field put out by the deflection yoke not to put a floppy disk on top of a monitor, but it never occurred to me it might go the other way. I have a computer desk with shelves, and the top shelf is over the top of the monitor, and I had recently moved my small 16" flourescent light fixture onto the shelf just above the monitor. Couldn't figure out why sometimes I got the jittering and sometimes didn't, so I went to look at the cable connections, and when I moved the light to look under the desk the flickering/jittering immediately stopped! The ballast inside the light fixture was about 2 inches above the upper right corner of the monitor, and apparently the ballast from even a small flourescent light puts out a strong enough magnetic field to cause that jittering. Might be worth checking out, if you have anything near the monitor that might produce a magnetic field.
  4. "US Navy Avionics tech"

    1) AT's suck.
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    3) Yeah, printers can even screw up your monitor or vid. card enough to shake the heck out of it. If you have a house fan within about 18 inches, it can cause a noticable distortion in a 19" monitor.

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