After minidump and reboot after a BSOD, Windows tell me it has something to do with my Logitech cordless keyboard/mouse drivers. I updated drivers and still whenever I hit a key on the keyboard it goes to the BSOD and a minidump
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  1. you have a driver that the operating system can't run. Take out or reinstall the logitech drivers. click my computer, click control panel, click add remove programs, look on the list for logitech. You may have to look on the logitech website for a compatible driver if available.
    After the driver is removed, restart the computer, allow windows to automatically install a driver for the device. XP will usually have a driver in the system that will work, without having to find a driver from an outside source.
    Then it's possible that you will need to use a regular wired mouse and keyboard, until you find a wireless driver that does not cause the error.
    Ive had this happen before. XP sometimes rejects certain drivers. It takes patience sometimes to get a driver installed that keeps running.
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