Modern Warfare cannot run on ATI X800 GTO

Hi everyone.Good day.
Recently i tried to play Call of Duty 4:Modern Warfare on my Intel Pentium 4 2.4 1MB L2 cache(clocked to 2.61)with 1GB of DDR RAM,Gigabyte 8VM533M-RZ motherboard,and a XpertVision ATI X800 GTO 256MB.Then it all turn out to be disappointing...
The game can run,but when i started to play(new game)then the windows error beep up and then i can see below of the window is flashing with some taskbar showing error.When this happen,I had to force the PC to turn off because the game cannot be quitted no matter what you do(task manager or windows key)also dont budge.Even with safe mode or lowest video setting this will happen too...

Does anyone know how to solve this?Or does it had a patch or something to fix?Some told me that this card's shader model are too old to run but then i can run Crysis smoothly...Modern Warfare did work perfect in my AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+ with Asus M2A-MVP(although this board is not that good),2GB of Apogee GT and ATI Radeon X1950 Pro(nice card)....Both my video card are using the latest video driver from ATI(version 8.3)....

Please help.... :'(
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  1. Required (min) Specs”

    CPU: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 2.4 GHz or AMD(R) Athlon(TM)
    64 2800+ processor or any 1.8Ghz Dual Core Processor or better supported
    RAM: 512MB RAM (768MB for Windows Vista)
    Harddrive: 8GB of free hard drive space
    Video card (generic): NVIDIA(R) Geforce(TM) 6600 or better or ATI(R) Radeon(R) 9800Pro or better

    You seem to meet the minimum requirements... Try using a different driver, sometimes the new ones break things.
  2. Thanks a alot basketcase for the info....I will try another driver...though some information that i digged for a while from net that the older version of driver of ATI Catalyst (like 7.11) will run properly for Modern Warfare,although i haven't tried yet..not sure true or not...ish.......Modern Warfare sure is tough....
  3. It seems like with some tinkering,i was able to see what's wrong already...when i hold Alt+Tab,i can see another taskbar that wirtten "DirectX Error".Maybe it's DirectX problem and now i'm working on it...will update soon.....
  4. cod4 requires pixel shader 3.0 but x800 supports 2.0 :o) so u dont meet minimum requirement. buy a graphics card
  5. redwine01 said:
    cod4 requires pixel shader 3.0 but x800 supports 2.0 :o) so u dont meet minimum requirement. buy a graphics card

    But it says in the specs posted earlier it works with a Radeon 9800Pro, which is also 2.0 like the x800, so it should be fine, unless those specs have been changed or something.
  6. 6600 and 9800 aren't same not even in heaven ....... cod4 requires minimum 3.0 pixel shader sorry
  7. These video driver problems are more and more common. You need to COMPLETELY remove your old video drivers and do a clean install of the latest version from ATI. Driver Cleaner Pro is a popular utility that will completely remove all traces of the old driver. Use the latest version of ATIs drivers from their website, version 8.3

    Regarding new drivers, I like to use just the basic ATI driver package and then use ATI Tray Tools for tweaking instead of CCC (Catalyst Control Center), which is large and can take up resources.
  8. The minimum specs I posted earlier doesn't require SM 3.0. So, I think it is a driver issue.
  9. redwine01 said:
    6600 and 9800 aren't same not even in heaven ....... cod4 requires minimum 3.0 pixel shader sorry

    Sorry, you're wrong. The X800GTO is quite capable of running this game on medium-high settings, albeit at no more than 1280x1024 resolution. I have used this card and it runs the game fine, better than my X1950 pro did actually due to the X800GTO being coupled with a dual core vs a single core.
  10. Yeah the X800GTO is quite capable of running it since I ran it on a laptop using a x300.
  11. Try OMEGA 7.10 driver or ati 7.7 is very good for old AGP cards
  12. I agree with the above. In fact, you could play with 5.12 and probably not notice a performance difference as ATI stopped supporting your card (with updates) years ago. I would stick to 7.7 as that was the latest driver before AGP problems really started showing up.
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