LG GGC H20L not reading blu-ray disks.

Hi, please bear with me with this post as I have a lot to state.

I've recently installed an LG GGC-H20L (the HDDVD/Blu-ray reader) into my computer and I can't seem to get blu-ray disks to read properly. After a lot of tinkering I managed to get HD DVD's working fine but blu-rays very rarely work (they have worked once or twice which leads me to believe that the drive is working okay).

My specs are:

AMD X2 4400, 2GB RAM, 8800GTX, Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe MB, Vista 32-bit.

The computer is connected to my monitor via VGA, and I know that you DON'T need an HDCP monitor right now as most disks are not encoded with that measure (and the fact that I've got the drive to playback sometimes means that it works through my VGA). (Edit - It is now connected to a HDCP monitor via DVI and the problem still exists).

What I've done:

I've tried a few BD players such as the packaged PowerDVD Ultra 7.3 and WinDVD 9 and also with AnyDVD enabled. I've upgraded to the latest PowerDVD 7.3 and I've patched with the LG update. The firmware for the drive is the latest v1.03. I've changed the interface controller from DMA to PIO in Windows. I've even bought a new SATA PCI card which didn't solve the problem and yes I've tried other SATA ports. I have a normal SATA DVD burner that worked first time so I know that the SATA controllers are working. I've disabled DEP for the BD players and turned off Visual Themes for them too, disabling autoplay for the players today seemed to have helped a little with the disk recognition.

I've got two double-disk blu-ray titles that I've tried: Transformers and The Golden Compass. When I first installed the drive the second Transformers disk usually worked but the actual movie disk didn't. That changed today when my computer actually played the film but when I tried changing scenes the program locked and crashed. That's the only time that that disk has worked. Now I've tried it and sometimes AnyDVD says that it's scanning the disk but it'll go on for some time (more than a minute or two) and then nothing. This event happens on and off, most of the time the drive light upon inserting a disk just blinks on and off (sort of to every second) for over a minute and then just stops.

I've tried to read and do so many things and still blu-ray doesn't work. It's really driving me crazy, especially when other people have said that they've managed to get the drive working first time. Anyone out there have any ideas?
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  1. I'm having this same problem with the exact same drive. I've had mine for about a week, and then yesterday it just stopped reading blu-ray discs (other discs work fine still). When the drive was working, it showed up on the My Computer window as D: HL-DT-ST BDDVDRW GGC-H20L, but now it has magically transformed into D: DVD-RAM. When looking in the System Devices in the Control Panel, it still shows up as "HL-DT-ST BDDVDRW GGC-H20L." When using AnyDVD, it also recognises the drive as "HL-DT-ST BDDVDRW GGC-H20L" and is able to read whatever blu-ray disc is in the drive.

    I'm wondering if there is something wrong with my system (XP 32bit), or that we both might have defective drives?
  2. fuelbomb
    I've tried on both XP Pro SP2 (32bit) and Vista. I've read that for XP you need to download and install the Toshiba UDF 2.5 driver files because XP doesn't read the UDF 2.5 format that blu-rays are authored in, whereas it's native to Vista. An internet search should easily direct you to the right place.

    Strange how yours shows up as HL-DT... or DVD-Ram, mine used to show up as a HD-DVD drive in Windows Explorer. As for reading disks, mine seemed to be hit and miss, you could keep ejecting and putting the disk back in and it would read at random times, most of the time it wouldn't even acknowledge that there was a blu-ray in the drive.
  3. I also have this BD/HD-DVD drive but have not had any problems with it. For starters, it should show up as DVD-Ram in WinExplorer when nothing is in it. I also have AnyDVD. You state "AnyDVD", but is it actually AnyDVD HD?
    Also, have you downloaded the K-Lite Codec pack? This simple codec pack allows me to play just the movie file when used with AnyDVD HD.
    PowerDVD really sucks. I had their PDVD 7 and 8 programs installed and neither could play most BluRays. I use Media Player Classic that comes with K-Lite and have not had any problems.
  4. Yes it is AnyDVD HD that's being used. I'll try the K-lite method.
  5. Got same problem. Worked ok for several films, but then started rebooting my pc when try to play through powerdvd. WinDVD tells me the drive needs a manufacturer's update to play this disc.

    Batman begins works a treat, yet newer releases exhibit this problem. The encryption on blu-ray discs has obviously been updated, and LG haven't as of yet released corresponding firmware.
  6. Any of you have a defective GGC-H20L that you would like to sell for parts? I had a defective power supply that fried my drive and need one for parts. I need the main PCB. I believe the lens on mine is perfect so if any of you would like to buy it let me know. I am looking for one for parts. Thanks.
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