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I have a Maximus Formula motherboard and am wondering which processor I should buy, It is a socket 775, I want a core 2 duo or a core 2 quad. What is the most stable and best for over clocking. It will be used mostly for gaming and I will be running XP Home.

Note: I am not buying a core 2 extreme that costs over $1,000!!

Please post your opinions or questions bout the system.:)
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  1. You have 2(well kinda 4 or 5) choices. If you want to you can go with a C2D E8400/Xeon E3110(same chip Xeon is cheaper though). They will both OC the same and game the best.

    If you decide on a C2Q then there are 2. Either a Q6600 G0 which OC's like a madman or a Q9450/Xeon X3350(again same chips just Xeon is cheaper). Either C2Q will be good buys. Only benefit to the Q9450 is that it will run cooler than the Q6600 and has SSE4.1 for media and such.

    My opinion is to futurproof yourself and get a C2Q. But a lot will recommend the E8400/Xeon E3110 for gaming.
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