Can I setup 12 terrabyte RAID5 system using WIN2000 server or XP.

I am currently trying to configure a 12 terrabyte RAID5 storage system. I have Windows 2000 server as the OS and I am using a 3ware 9500S RAID card, with 8 1.5 terabyte seagate SATA drives attached. Is it possible to configure this with RAID5 using the 3ware BIOS and Windows 2000 or XP, and get Windows to see all of the storage?
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  1. With that much data, its very hard to make a backup since that would require equal amount of storage.

    Also, you need 48-bit LBA support to access all the space; Windows XP has this in SP2/SP3 i think; though your controller also needs to support it. If so you can just access the space.

    But do know that large RAID5 arrays without backup are a serious risk. Not because of drive-failure but of corruption. If you want high reliability you should buy a battery backup unit (BBU) for the controller, or set write-buffer method to write-through, which will significantly lower the write performance. Without either, lost buffers during improper shutdown may trigger corruption on the array.

    Good luck.
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