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how do i change the size of the login screen icons?
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  1. Are you referring to the account icons to the left of the account names?
  2. no im referring to the size of the icons on the main login screen
  3. ive figured it out...click the desktop go to properties then settings then advanced and change the dpi....
  4. Ah, you must be talking about the Desktop Icons. The login screen is the screen you are at before you get to your desktop, the term you used was a bit confusing.
  5. The actual pixel size of the logon icons are "Etched in Stone" in logonui.exe and cannot be re-sized.
    The picture that appears as an icon can be changed.
    There are 3rd party programs that can be used to manipulate the log on screen, here are a couple:

    http://sarahlane.typepad.com/sarah [...] xp_bo.html

    (Thank you Tigsounds)
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