Has anyone removed Raidmax Smilodon front fan?

I want to pull some case fans from the Raidmax Smilodon and replace with Arctic PWM fans and daisy chain them to my Arctic Freezer Pro to control fan speed with Speedstep. (Motherboard is a p35-DS3L which has exactly one PWM enabled fan header.)

That front 120mm intake looks like a bastard to get at. It's between the drive-bay cage and the front panel of the case.

Has anyone had any experience replacing this fan before I start bringing the trauma to my case?
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  1. I have the same set up as you and have been looking at adjusting the fan speed as well, i run ET6 but it does not recognize the two system fan's. Although when i look at my system info it lists the CPU speed as 3.00 GHZ and the second as 2.22 GHZ which means that Speedstep is already active.

    Is there no way to control the fan speed with the default fan's that come with the raidmax smilodon set up? Anyways i am fairly new to the desktop world as i only ever had notebooks so now am getting to know the in's and out's.

    Although to get to the front fan you can pull out the whole HDD enclosure quiet easily maybe try that.

    I am NOT a tech pro yet so if some of this makes you laugh i understand as i am at kindergarten level with this stuff but if you find a way to control the system speed fan let me know thanks.
  2. hi,did u ever got to change it?my fan died and i need to change it but it doesnt look easy,any tips?
  3. yes it'd like an answer to this question also. i'm considering changing out the 120's in the case...but i can't really figure out a way to get to the front 120. i've taken out the hdd bay b4 and the fan is still stuck behind a metal grid. and i'm not sure if there is a way to remove the front panel without damaging the case.

    does anyone know how to remove the front panel??
  4. hey the whole front comes off,its one piece,i accidentally kicked it and it came off,the whole piece with the door comes off,easy :bounce:
  5. Yeah if you tug on the front it'll come off. If you look closely you can see the seam. It's held in by some snaps, if that's what you wanna call them. Just pull that off and viola, easy access.

    PS. I just bought that case yesterday, I'm lovin' it.
  6. Hey guys this is a dumb question but here goes, should the side 80 mm fan that I added be blowing in or out?
  7. DM725 said:
    Hey guys this is a dumb question but here goes, should the side 80 mm fan that I added be blowing in or out?

    i have mine blowing in :pt1cable:
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