Antec True Power II 550W enough for 8800 GT?

I am pretty sure that it works but just to make sure, my Antec true power 2.0 550w can support 8800 GT right? I am running just one Sata HD, 4 GB of DDR2 800mhz ram, and a 3.25GHZ e2160 at around 1.5v for core voltage.
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  1. 8800GT recommends a 400W PSU with 22 amps on the 12V. The TruePower isn't the best quality PSU you can find, but should work ok.
  2. Antec PSUs aren't the best but still are in the range of good to high quality hardware. I think i will trust it this time. Might go for a corsair one for my next build.
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