E2160 vs E8400


I want to know what are your insights regarding these bulids...

Which one would be better?

a. Buying a cheap CPU and a middle end mobo (E2160 and GA EP35 DS3R) ---------- $200

b. or a wolfdale with a really cheap mobo (E8400 and ASRock Wolfdale1333-D667) ---------- $310


i need to know which is more practical cause i will be using my rig for extreme gaming an OCing

These would be my other parts:

4gb 800mhz dual channel ram (If i choose the cheap mobo, i will be forced to have a 667 mhz 4gb dual channel ram)
Cooler Master Hyper TX 2
500w power supply

I really want to maximize every dollar that i will spend. If I would be getting a 50 - 70 fps in the cheaper build then i would of coarse go to the cheapest build.

In addition, I also want to know which one i more upgradable, what i mean is, if I choose option a, i would be upgrading my system with a E8400 IF prices come down...

If I choose option B, i will be changing my mobo in to high end ones... so any suggestions??
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  1. Why not get a GA-P35-S3G for around $70 and a Xeon E3110 (E8400 with Xeon label)? You don't get all the ultra-durable stuff, but if you don't plan on doing a 4Ghz overclock in a 50C sauna, you should be fine.
    I think you can still find the E3110 for around $225 in some places. Plus, some retail stores (Fry's, Microcenter) has E8400's in stock for around the same price.

    What exactly do you consider a cheap build? My most recent $800 budget build probably beats THG's $1800 "medium" grade system.

    My $800 System (12535 3DMark06 w/stock speeds): Xeon E3110, EX38-DS4 motherboard, 700W OCZ PSU, 8800GT 512MB, 2GB OCZ Platinum2 4-4-4-15, Seagate 7200RPM ES.2 SATA2

    I recently did a budget build for a Linux box which cost me around $120: 1.6Ghz E1200 dual-core ($45), Foxconn 45CMV w/integrated video ($38), 2GB A-data DDR2-800 ($35 after rebate), 500w PSU, case, 80GB sata drive, and DVD drive I had lying around.
  2. I am using a E8400 with stock cooler and able to get 3.6 oc with a p35 MBand stay st 45-55 c. BTW Micro Center has them for 210 right now in stores
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