System freezes and reboots on any video rendering.

I've came to this forum hoping for some help with my PC. I've spent months trying to figure it out and have come up with no real solution.

So here is my issue; 6 months ago my system would just shutdown out of the blue for no reason, it seemed to be software related, because it would always boot up until certain software was loading, then crash. So I bought a new hard drive and some new ram. Perfect time to upgrade. I formatted, and did a fresh install of windows xp. Seemed to fix the issue for about 2 weeks, then again, it started, but this time, it was doing it more frequent and in safe mode. Then a week later, the system would not boot up.
So being me, I bought a new a new motherboard, CPU combo, with a power supply. After installing the new parts and doing a clean install of windows, it would boot up, but the minute I opened up anything with video rendering(ie divx,flash, msn), it freezes, does a single beep, and shuts down. When it reboots, it gives me a nvidea error. So I went and bought a cheap video card, which was better then my old one. Guess what, exact same error, new drives and no difference.

Basic steps of what I have done:
1. New drive and ram, clean windows install.
2. New MontherBoard, CPU, power supply and removed old Ram.
3. Ram check, zero errors.
4. New Video card.
5. Formated once more, to ensure no old drives.
* also have moved the computer to a different plug in, and different power bar.

Really this system has no old parts other then the DVD burner.

Is there software that that might help me find what hardware is failing? Or does someone have a suggestion why it might be doing this?
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  1. What are your specs?
  2. AMD Athelon 64 3800+
    2.4 ghz, 512mb ddr
    nvidia GeForce FX 5500
    450 watt tower.
  3. Ever updated your software?
  4. After installing all the new components, I formated the new drive and installed windows xp pro. Once the install finishes, a few drivers were missing for the motherboard, ie the Ethernet port.
    So I toss the CD with the motherboard drivers in the DVD rom, when the front-end for the CD opens, it forces the system to freeze and reboot.

    Anything with graphics does this.
  5. Have you updated the bios?
  6. According to the software that came with the motherboard, it does it automatically.

    This is a new board from when the problem started.

    I would have to say, no I have not, since I am not sure the automatically one truly works.
  7. I would use cpu-z to check BIOS version and check if it is the latest version. Then I would check your MOBO support website to find any incompatibility issues with your other hardware.
  8. Just checked the bios version, it is the latest one. v3.6 and I can not find anything on the support site about incompatible software.

    My motherboard is a slot 939, msi K8T Neo2-F V2.0. If I do find anything, I will keep everyone posted. Thanks for your help.
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