Noob OC a q6600 - temperatures over 100c! HELP!

First time OC. I read up a bunch before I did this and followed a basic guide. I'm hitting temperatures of over 100 C! My computer seems to be running fine so either my MOBO is fried and I don't know it yet, or is something wrong with my temp sensors?

Here's what I did:

1) I changed the FSB to 333 and the VCORE was set at either auto or 1.23125 to 1.25v to get 3.0ghz overclock. According to this guide: C1E Disabled, Vanderpool Disabled, Speedstep Disabled.

2) Ran PRIME95 Blend test for a few hours

3) Speedfan was registering CPU and AUX temperatures around 35 at first but after about 2 hours it spiked to around 120c. That's impossible isn't it? I was running HWMonitor at the same time and it listed CPUTIN and AUXTIN temperatures hitting 0C minimum and 120C Maximum. WTF? That's a range between freezing and boiling water!

PRIME95 tests all passed for hours, no failures ("round off checking" checked on). My computer seems to be working fine so far, no funny smells from my MOBO. So...what's the deal?

All 4 Cores run below 52C under Load

All are brand new parts except for the video card:

asus P5Q-PRO Q6600 (G0 Stepping)
two WD 640gig se16 (WD6400AAKS)
8 gigs of Mushkin HP2 6400
Xigmatek HDT S1283

Thanks for your help! :hello:
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  1. try update the BIOS it maybe a read error.and also check the cooler is properly seated on the CPU.
  2. did ya take the plastic off ???
  3. ^+1
  4. The core temperatures look good.
  5. Jim_L9 said:
    The core temperatures look good.
    I'm confused, the OP was brokenlegs.
  6. the core temp readings looked good (52 c max)

    it's the CPU and AUX readings in Speedfan that registered over 100C

    HWMonitor had the same readings under CPUTIN and AUXTIN
  7. Believe Core Temp.
  8. 100c wouldnt be possible, good indication that is was borked :D
  9. spathotan said:
    100c wouldnt be possible, good indication that is was borked :D

    Agreed... stuff would be melting in the case.

    Just for fun run prime95 with the processor @ stock and monitor the temps. Something tells me they will be 100+

    As a side note I have heard of inaccurate readings from Intel processors when under 60 Celsius... I suspect if you push the processor over 60 you will see proper readings.
  10. I agree, 100C and most of your hardware would be a big melted clump. I run the same CPU at 3.6, higher voltages and still not breaking 55C. Something is not right but I would def. trust Core Temp.
  11. i was about to say "RESEAT YOUR COOLER" when i saw the thread title, then i realised to get that temp you must have had no cooler at all, lol... well if core temp says its 52 C seems ok to me now
  12. I tried coretemp and realtemp as suggested.

    The coretemps (Tjunction) are all fine - under load 53C max. It's the TCASE reading that's throwing me off.

    Supposedly TCASE is the CPU reading I see in BIOS, but I obviously I can't see what BIOS reads when I'm testing with Prime95

    So that's where Speedfan and HWmonitor come in....but the reading for TCASE is still wacky (over 100C) but my computer is stable overnight under load.

    Any ideas? I guess all I'm looking for is an accurate TCASE reading!
  13. It shouldn't be that far off, that's wacked. I suspect the mobo. Tcase will need to be calibrated, if you can get it in range. In any case, with Tjunction at 53c max under Prime95 small FFT load with Core Temp, you are good.

    Read the Core 2 Quad and Duo Temperature Guide sticky.
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