EP35-DS3L and E8400 Vdrop question

Hi All,

I'm running a E8400 on a EP35-DS3L. I had a stable OC @ 3.6Ghz with stock voltage. I went to bring it up to 4.0Ghz and got fail after fail in Prime95. I played with every setting, RAM is at MAX voltage and locked into solid timings.

When I finally got 4.0Ghz stable with Prime95 the bios voltage was up to 1.4, which is pushing my comfort zone. CPU-z is reading the voltage at 1.344 and Speedfan at 1.34, should a vdrop be this large?

Max temp in Speedfan is at 60c and RealTemp 53C, so I don't think I'm really over volting, am I?


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  1. You're not really over volting your CPU. 45nm Intel spec volt limit is 1.36??(too lazy/drunk to verify), but I'm wortied about your RAM. How much is MAX voltage on your RAM?

    The vdroop is pretty big, but somtimes you have to roll with it.
  2. max limit on the E8*** is 1.45, but I want to stay well below that since this is 24/7 OC and I want to get max life and stability out of this setup. My RAM is rated to 2.2v and thats what I have it set at.


  3. I have a GA-P35-DS3L (I curse Gigabyte tech support now for being lying a-holes) and a 2180, and the vdroop on that is pretty huge, too. I set it to 1.44v in the BIOS, and end up getting 1.348v actually getting to the processor. I don't think you should be too suprised by your vdroop, though.

    There is a pencil mod out there to reduce the vdroop, though, if you want to try it. A quick google search should find it.
  4. the limit as set by intel to get the rated lifetime is 1.36v but hey your not going to keep it for 5 years are you. i have my e8400 at 1.53v to get a 24/7 stable oc at 4.44ghz. and i might swap it out by xmas. just depends how long your going to keep it for, more than 2 years id stick to the intel max vcore.
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