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hey guys i have a western digital 1 tb hard drive model number wd10eacs. about amonth ago it stopped working. it didnt make any noise or anything just stopped. so i took it out and my my brother looked at it for me, he is a computer networker and knows a little bit about computers, anyway he found that there was a chip on the logic board that fried. sure enough you could see where a hole in the center of this chip melted and it looks like it nicked the edge of the ribbon cable underneath it. anyway the first thing i did was i found on ebay the same exact hard drive, same model and build date to make sure the logic board had all the same versions on it and first put the hard drive i just bought in to make sure it worked and it worked fine, then switched the logic boards and my old hard drive still doesnt work. when the computer boots up, it stays at the initial screen for a min, then says primary slave boot disk error. all i want to do is get my data off that other drive, i dont care if once i get the data off i throw both hd's out, as long as i get my data off. can i take the guts out of the working on and put it in the good one? i know once u take the cover off and the dust gets in they says they are ruined, but could it run long enough just to get my info off? what would you guys do? i really appreciate your help
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  1. If switching the electronics part of the drive didn't work, the only thing left is send the drive a real data recovery company for media surface-based recovery (i.e. they will recover directly from the hard drive's platters which contains the data).

    This will be expensive though, though it would give you back your data.
  2. You can't just switch controller boards on high capacity drives, there is a LOT of calibration data held in the on-board ROM, the control board needs to be calibrated to a set of mechanics (normaly done during production/test); only the drive manufacturers or a specialist data recovery company will have access the required equipment and knowledge.
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