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I have an 8800gts 512 and had it overclocked and it was completely stable. When I realized oc'ing it barely makes a difference I went back to stock clocks. The computer has been stable for the month and a half ive had it or so but now sometimes the monitor wont wake back up when it goes to sleep and I have to do a few hard reboots. Is this a GPU problem? Should I send it back?
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  1. I had a monitor that wouldn't wake up, it had a bad sleep circuit. I had to disable monitor power down. One day I had to reload my system and I forgot to disable monitor power down...oops, the monitor never woke up again.
  2. damn now Im freaked out, do monitors usually have a 90 day warranty?
  3. Hook the monitor to another computer to test if it's the monitor not waking up.
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