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I'm running XP Home on an E6750 system with 2 GB (1x1 GB) DDR2 800 Crucial Ballistix. I'm a big multitasker with nine windows from FireFox usually open with about fiver or more Tabs open with in them and sometime have two or more BT open. My memory jump up 1+ GB and my system starts to slow down in responding with changing windows and task.

I set up my Page File with 33 MB on my C: drive for Dump File and 3072 MB on my E: drive for my main Page File. When I looked at my % Usage in the Performance console in Administrative Tools, the C: drive's Page File are the only one being use just under 100% and the E: drive is barely reaching 3% usage... I think that not allocating my second drive's Page File is what's causing the slow down. Does anyone know what's happening with the Page File on my second drive?
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  1. Multi-tasking takes power, but not necessarily hoards of memory. What you are dong in Firefox isn't the memory hog you think it is. Working on large hi-res pictures in PhotoShop with many layers is a memory hog.

    If you suspect that you are in need of better PageFile sizes, change them. Be aware that there is no performance benefit to having the PageFile on a different partition in the same physical drive as Windows. There is marked improvements if it is located on a different physical drive than Windows.

    Try this, just to see if you like it...

    No PageFile on System Drive.
    Windows PageFile, Drive E׃ Custom size, Initial Size= 512MB, Maximum Size=4096MB

    No Dump File, (Unless you actually think you'll use it in a crash). This will have No effect on system performance.
  2. My system is setup like that already.

    I think I found the slow down in response on my system. It's my left click on my mouse that's causing all the problem but I just switch the button assignment and it's working fine. The button still works if I press and hold it when selecting.

    Thanks for the help.
  3. Yup, they only click about 300,00 times and quit.
  4. I've got a 5-year warraty on my Logitech LX3 so I contacted them about the issue.
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