HELP!! gaming and Quad Core Q6600

I am a newbie at this so please bear with me. I planned on getting a intel boxed core 2 quad q6600 is this going to run medal of honor air borne without any problems or is it going to need to be overclocked and if so do I have to provide some cooling to the processor... I am still in diapers when it come to computer hardware and a toddler when it comes to software... any help please.

Thank you.
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  1. What are the other specs of you PC? Video card, memory, Etc
  2. whats your video card? Thats going to be your major factor in how MHAB is going to run. The Q6600 is fast enough even at stock speeds so it comes down to the rest of your system with video card in the SPOTLIGHT.

  3. ok I was going to buy the evga/ e-force 9600 gt superclocked 512mb gddr3 pcie 2.0 video card. the rest of the system is this cool master case, corsair 650tx power supply, gigabyte ga-ep35c-ds3r 775 atx motherboard, corsair twinx 2gb ddr2 non-ecc, WD caviar 250 hard drive, samsung oem dvd burner. os would be windows xp.
  4. Save yourself some cash and get a 500-550 watt power supply, thats all your going to need with that system. Sides that looks like a good system.
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