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Hey all. I'm trying to put together my 1st build and had a question about the installation of the heatsink I'm using.

I have the Antec p182 case, evga 780i MB and the Xigmatek HDT-S1283 heatsink. When I go to install the heatsink, it looks like I can position it to face in any direction. Is there a certain way I should face it with these components? I just want to make sure I face it the right way before I install the MB inside the case.

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  1. Well, I'm not familiar with your case, but you wouldn't want to point the fan so it blows warm air back into the case causing increased system temps. So, by pointing the CPU fan to blow to the back of the case in an exhaust fan installment, the hot air would be moved quickly out of the back of the case as exhaust air. A case fan, preferably 120mm, used in conjunction with the exhaust function of your system would provide even better exhaust capability of your system. Likewise, the front of the case should have fresh air intake fans moving fresh air in the front while the fans closer to the rear pull the air through the case creating a front to back airflow. If you can establish a stong airflow like this your system temps can be greatly reduced. HTH. I have eleven 120mm fans in my case.
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