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Hello,I have a Toshiba F25 av205, I have a depleted battery in it and my laptop came unplugged. The laptop rebooted and went Intel Boot Agent FE v4.1.16
Initializing & establishing link

PXE-E61 "media test failure", Check cable
PXE-M0F: Exiting Intel Boot Agent Options:safemode, safemode networking, safemode command prompt, last known start normally.
every option I try it runs through a setup, showing me some partitioned files and then for a second a blue screen appears and pc shuts down and reboots again. It will keep doing this till I shut it off. How can I get back into my computer(latop) Hollis
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  1. Go to Safemode.

    If Windows starts in safemode, click Start > Settings >Control Panel >System > Advanced

    In the "Startup and Recovery" section, click "Settings"
    In the section "System Failure" have only the checkbox marked "Write an event to the system log" checked, all others un-checked.
    There is a drop-down box below the 3 checkboxes that says "Write debugging information" Click the little down-pointing triangle. Select "(none).
    Click OK.

    Restart Windows normally. If it crashes on startup, it will not restart but will have a blue screen with words and numbers. The part that says "Stop: 0x000000000 (00000000000,0000000000,00000000) is what to come back here with. I used all zero's but you will see numbers and letters. Those numbers and letters are a big clue of what the problem is.

    If it won't start in safe mode, come back and say so, there are other things to help.
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