replacing Ati for Geforce

Hello i need some help!

I wnat to upgrade my ati x1300 pro agp with a XFX geforce 7900gs 512 mb AGP
but i have instaled all ati drivers how do i uninstal :sweat: them so the geforce can go in.

thx alot :hello:
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  1. press the any key
  2. start>control panel>add/remove programs>uninstall whatever your graphics drivers come up as.
  3. Also there is a program called driver cleaner, but if you can't use the add/remove utility maybe it's just not for you.
  4. so if i unstal the drivers the geforce will work?
  5. Uninstall the old drivers, shutdown, remove old card, add new card, restart, and install new ones (use either the CD that came with the card or go online).
  6. THX helped alot, in 1 hour:P
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