Installing a backup hd on IDE, main hd's in raid 0

hello all :) i wanted to install a extra 80gb ide hd i have for backup purposes, my current system has 2 80gb hd's in raid 0 on a pci controller card. my old 80gb has windows xp on it from a old system. if i just install the old 80gb as primary master or secondary master on IDE will it try to boot from the IDE hd first before the hd's in raid 0? i don't want to dual boot at all, i just want to get into my desktop so i can format the old 80gb hd and just use it as a second drive letter for periodical backups. would i need to change the "Hard Drive" boot option in the bios to "None" before i do this or can i just hook it up and it will bott from my raid 0 hd's as normal and i can just go into "Disk Management" in xp to format the old hd?

ideally i just want it to be like this when i am done,

C: my current hd's in raid 0
D: the old 80gb hd, so i can just copy files from the C: drive and paste it here for backup
E: my dvd-rw drive

thank you for any help, i greatly appreciate it! :)
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  1. You'll have to go into the BIOS and set up the correct boot order. Since you are using an add on card, you'll probably have to select "other boot device" or similar for the first boot device.
  2. i went into my bios and am unsure what boot order to set it to with the new additional hd installed. the bios offers the following options to boot from:


    my controller card is a pci, and my motherboard is a asus a7n8x-deluxe. any thoughts on what i need to set it to so it continues to boot from my raid-0 and not the additional ide 80gb hd (which has xp installed from a old pc). i just want to get into my desktop and format that drive so it's just a addtional drive letter for storage, no programs, or os, etc.

    would this work, i set the first boot device to floppy, second boot device to none (right now for some reason it is set to hdd-0), third boot device to cd-rom. would that automatically make it skip trying to boot from the old 80gb ide hd and go straight to my raid array? or should i set it to boot from scsi? not sure if that will work since my controller card is pci.

  3. Try SCSI, for any case your add-on controller will be seen as SCSI controller (BIOS doesnt know or care anything about RAID). You may also try HDD-0, HDD-1, etc.
  4. ok, i set the boot order to floopy, scsi, and cd-rom and other boot device was enabled and all went well thanks! :) i had another question about the 80gb now that it is installed :??: when i go try to format it, it asks me if i want it as a primary or extended partition. if i just want it as a blank full 80gb drive space so i can just copy and paste files there for backups which would i select? if i set it to primary does that mean the pc will see it as the main hd over the raid array or is that just a primary partition just for that 80gb hd? sorry for all the questions :(
  5. It needs to be a primary partition if you want to boot from it. Otherwise, a logical partition would allow for more than 4 partitions on one disk. The only difference AFAIK.
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