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I am fairly new to RAID and I am running SBS 2003 SP2 on an intel xeon 2.8GHz server. I restarted my server recently and received the array in degraded mode message. i have 2 drives that are mirrored (RAID-1?) and don't know what to do from here. Is there a how-to somewhere to walk me through it? Any help is greatly appreciated. I can't find any RAID manager but in Disk Manager it says my Drive is healthy.

GN also said to tell you that under SCSI RAID controllers in Device Mgr it says
Intel embedded server RAID technology
That's all that I know about the RAID controller. The server is in use right now but I can reboot after 5 edt and tell you more.
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  1. Am I supposed to be able to see the mirror in Disk Manager? It looks like there is only one disk.
  2. Array becomes degraded when member drive becomes missing; in your case, it can be that one member drive becomes out of sync or some other reasons.

    To fix it, you need to rebuild that array. Carefully mark the drive in degraded array and completely take it out (swap out). Now insert the drive that becomes missing/corrupted/out-of-sync and (prob. show you as not-in-use or available) delete that drive so that it becomes available (data will be deleted). Then insert back in marked drive and rebuild the array using available drive. It should now make RAID-1 array again.
  3. okay thanks for the info. i pulled both drives and reseated them then went into the raid utility and it rebuilt the array. Now I think everything is ok, i'm not getting the degraded mode message anymore, but i can't see both drives in disk manager. Is there a way to see the mirrored drive too or can i buy a third party software package to do that?
  4. I don't know the answer to your last Q. Anybody?
  5. Go to Intel's site and download their "Matrix Raid Storage Manager" if it isnt already installed on your pc. This program should be able to let you see everything and control it within Win2k3. If the onboard Raid is something several years old, there might be a different Intel program.
  6. Thanks guys. I'll go look but would you happen to have any idea if running SBS 2003 is a big deal with that? I know it tends to have some annoying differences than Server 2003....
  7. a raid array to windows is just one drive. you have to use a utility (from the raid device manufacturer) to see both drives in windows.

    in your case as was said above its from intel.
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