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These are some links and thoughts I thought I would share with you. This is not exact science. Fell free to voice your opinions or other useful links.

To calculate your power supply requirements, go to: (Power supply calculator)

and add one Hard Disk (two for Raid), one optical drive, video card and CPU, use high end motherboard,
calculate Watts and divide by 12 to get amps on 12v rail. Add 15% or 2-4 amps for safety.

Subtract 10% from combined total for maximum amperage of PSU on 12v rails for aging
Compare your power supply combined 12v rail minus 10% to your requirements.
Combined rail should not exceed requirements.

Top Tier PSU:

Silent PSUs

AMD Certified PSUs (Single+Crossfire):

Certified SLI-Ready Power Supplies

Power consumption of single/dual/quad graphics cards, hard disks, processors:

Dell to ATX Power Supply Converter
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More about some links
  1. Here are a couple of informative links;

    And a couple that show what lower wattage power supplies are capable of;

    8800GTX on Antec 380W

    8800GT on Shuttle 250W

    And another PSU calculator;
  2. I'm going to throw in "The Truth About Graphics Power Requirements V2"
  3. I've seen most of these scattered around the forums, so it's nice of you to put them all together.
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