RAM overheating on Tyan I5400XT

Hi folks.

My ECC RAM modules are over heating on my i5400XT.

They are reaching 50-60C

The RAMs are from Kingston, 2G, 677.

CPUs are 2 Xeon E5410, they only show 2000Mhz in ubuntu 7.10. not sure if they are related.

CPU Fans are the original fans from the CPU retail box.

the case is Cooler Master Cosmos 1000

From the temperature monitor, the CPU temp are fine, and the RAMs are really hot. They will burn your fingers if you touch them.

Another thing i have noticed is my first CPU has higher temperature than the other one. I dont know if it is normal or not as well.

I am no sure which part is wrong.

is the temperature normal for those RAMs?
My CPU cooling fan is not good enough?
there is something I can configure inside the motherboard?
hardware problem?

Any advises are welcomed

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  1. Hmm not sure about that RAM specifically, but would be interested to know what case (1U, 2U, 4U and make/model etc..) you are using. As far as cooling the stock Xeon coolers are usually just fine assuming installed/seated properly etc.

    The biggest thing to watch for with smaller form factor cases such as 2U is to make sure the case has all the fans that are required and that cables are routed in their proper spots (IE if you have a FAN Wall, make sure to run HDD cables, front panel cables etc on the right side and towards the bottom side, etc). If it comes with plastic "channels" for the cpu's make sure those are installed and just in general make sure the air is flowing throughout the case as it doesn't take much to obstruct the airflow and cause overheating. You would also want to take note of the environment the server is going into and how the ambient temperature is, the cooler the air being drawn in, the easier the heat inside will dissipate (larger delta T).

    Hope this helps.
  2. Alright.....I think I have determined that it is an OS problem + Fan problem

    The OS, which is Ubuntu 7.10 is giving out this problem, which freezes around 15 min after power on.

    The reason I think could be my profiles, since I keep my /home, and formate and install /.

    It can also be the nvidia driver. When I was using the live CD during the install, it never give this problem, and after installation of the OS and the nvidia driver, this problem started happen.

    CPU Fan is also a cause, since it is not blowing enough air to the memory steak to cool them down.
    In fact, the fan can not cover all the memory in the slots, I think it is just because the fans are for ranks, not for tower cases (which is Cooler Master Cosmos 1000 I am using)

    So far, I installed ubuntu 8.10 RC, seems working fine without NVdia driver loaded. I also took 2 mem steak out from the box to make sure that they can be covered by the fan
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