please help me guys! random rainbow problem!

hey guys,

i just broght a new pc so i decided to give my old one to my gf. specs are as follows . . . .

athlon xp 2500+ overclosked to 3200+
soltec nforce2 ultra mobo
x2 sata segate 80 gig hard drives in raid 0 format.
x1 250 gig segate ide
x1 200 gig segate ide
x1 80 gig maxtor ide
x2 512gb adata ddr400
winfast tv card
audigy value 7.1 sound card
albatron fx5900xt
600 wat psu

it has always served me very well and as soon as i got it round to her house it went weird. after about ten minutes the screen randomly turned rainbow coloured with tons of artifacts to the point that you cant see what is going on. it would only start up in safe mode after that. i thought it must be a windows problem as the screen doesnt look rainbow in the start up bios. so i unplugged all of my hard drives except my 80 gig and installed a clean windows. i hadent pluged in any other hard drives and all was going well 4 about ten minutes again until it went all rainbow and i cannot see a thing =(

what the hell could be causing this? im lost for an answer and feel real bad since my gf paid for nearly my whole new rig and in return i was to give her my old one and it doesnt go any more!
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  1. well it could be many things, but from what you mentioned (reinstall windows) then we had high possibilities on HW problems. Here what come through my minds:

    1) try to check all the connection all over again (including PCI, processor, etc). It might be that during the transport, some equipments accidentaly loosen or something.

    2) try to set it to default clock to see if it's getting better.
  2. yea i thought it might be over heating so i took it apart and cleaned all of the dust out and put it back together proporly.

    i dont have the cpu over clocked @ the moment since i thought that may be contributing. its so weird that every thing was fine after the reinstall then it went back to being weird again???
  3. wholey **** i just blew up my 600 wat psu!!! i was fooling around with it and changed the red switch on the back (when it was turned off) from 230 to 115 and the thing went boom! and heaps of smoke poured out of it 4 ages =(

    o **** im in soo much trouble wiv the misses =/
  4. holy cow ... hope that the other equipments will still be alright ... Otherwise you will be in really big trouble dudes ... I wish you all the luck
  5. yea man it was crazy =D i dont no is uv seen 1 blow b4 but it made the biggest xplode noise and filled my entire room up with thick smoke that smelt like poison in a minute and lingured all night lol. i wonder if this was the problem all along? would switching that little red switch on the back over actually cause a normal psu to xplode?

    i dont no what im gona do with the computer now? mabe try and upgrade to a dual core 939 socket and save some of mt xisting parts.
  6. Ya, my friend did once with the television, back 2-3 years ago. He switched to 120V, which is the voltage from the powerplant is 220V. It was going to burnt the TV to ashes :)

    See if you see any visible damage/burn out in other equipments, I do not know for sure whethere the other components remain intact ... If you don't see any visible burn, try to steal :) another PSU for testing ..
  7. besides needing a new PS now. the issue sounds like a DVI, or VGA cable issue. (failing that the vid card)
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