Should I depend on cpu temp or the 2 cores temp ?

Please please answer my question....

My system is
PSU 600Watt
Gigabyte 945P-S3 rev 3.3 (having the latest BIOS from the box)
CPU E6420 (at stock speed)
Ram 2gb 666 MHz
Gigabyte Geforce 8800GT 512mb
Case with good air flow(plus one fan at the back of case getting air out...2nd one on the side getting air inside on the stock Intel cooler)
Stock intel cooler(from E6420 box)
Ambient about 30C
Reseted the Intel heatsink and reapplyed the thermal paste about 20 times...(everything is in place)

When system is ON, the CPU heat sink is not warm at all.....

1-BIOS reports that idle CPU temp is 48c

2-All other softwares reporting the Core temps are like 34C/35C (plus minus 2 or 3 from these values....)
like Everest....Coretemp....Speed fan (all latest version)......

Which temp should I depend on ?
Please Don't tell me to calibrate and go here and there around ....Cause I have (studied) Computonix thread...I only have the above question....Which temp to rely on ?
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  1. you should care about loading temp instead idle temp, and the fan may be control by temp, when temp is low, fan spin much slower speed.
  2. I have disabled the smart fan feature (low speed fan when low temp.) ages ago....

    My cpu fan is running at full speed = 2000RPM
  3. so what is the loading temp? any crash or restart problem? if you system is stable all the time, do not worry about,
    one trick about lower temp is drop the vcore, but you have to run some loading test to make sure cpu is stable, I found out my cpu is stable on 1.025 volt when it is running stock speed, if I set to vcore to auto, pc set it to 1.275 volt, there is 6 degrees difference during loading test.
  4. Thanks bob8701 for the reply

    I monitor the temp. everynow and then...I don't worry about the max temp.

    But I have the same question ....Which temp is correct (read up the first post)...Is it the cores or the (over-all) cpu temp ?
    Because if one is correct (or near to correct) , the second is surely wrong...providing that core temp should be higher than the cpu case temp...
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