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E8400 won't go beyond 3.6GHz?

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October 3, 2008 9:21:52 PM

Hey guys,

My friend's having a problem overclocking his E8400.

His specs:
Core 2 Duo E8400
Biostar TG31-A7
2GB Corsair DDR2-800 RAM
3 Hard drives
Watercooling system
3LED case fans
500W PSU
DVD Drive

The problem is, he can get up to FSB400 on stock volts fine, but he can't get it to go any further. FSB401 and it wouldn't even POST. His hard drives won't powre up at all. His PSU should be fine with this, because he pulled out the 8800GT and it still wouldn't POST at FSB401. He looked at his RAM frequency and timing and it shouldn't be causing problems. He's increased the voltage to 1.3V and it still wouldn't boot at anything more than FSB400.

What can be causing the problem? He says his HDDs won't even spin up when he sets it beyong FSB400. Could this be a motherboard issue?

Thanks guys!

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October 3, 2008 9:35:56 PM

Whats his VID. If he got a crummy VID he might need more Vcore.

Even though the motherboard says it supports 1600, I call BS. It has a G31 chipset. G31 are not known for their overclocking ability. I would say the board is at its absolute limits.

Also note that you cant lock the PCI-E frequency, and he could burn out his GPU real fast with that issue. He better look how high it is running when he overclocks.
October 3, 2008 9:59:39 PM

He is still on stock volts so its at 1.2V.

I'm sure its possible to lock the PCI-e frequency on most boards. I've done that on mine, and it's running at 101MHz constant.

So G31 is just inferior to P35 in overclocking capability?
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October 3, 2008 10:40:24 PM

Guess I'll inform him of that. He should've gotten a P35 instead...
October 3, 2008 10:48:01 PM

So the thing is, there is no way in hell that he can go over FSB400 without replacing the motherboard?
October 3, 2008 11:11:27 PM

Only way to know is try more vcore. If more vcore dont help then no. And like I said the PCI-E doesn't lock on that particular board so he risks burning his components up.

If he gets a new mobo hes better off with a P45 chipset.
October 3, 2008 11:25:28 PM

Yep, it's the g31. e8400 use 9x multiplier, so that's 9x400=3.6ghz, for 1600mhz fsb. The g31 chipset runs at 1066mhz natively, some manufacturers cite higher fsb for their board, but 1600mhz is just too far off. It's strange for it to even be able to reach 1600mhz fsb at all. Did your friend even stress with prime95? If it doesn't post at 1mhz over 1600, it's likely not stable.
October 4, 2008 4:30:45 AM

He says he stressed with P95 and it's fine at FSB400 - but as soon as he puts it above 400 then it wouldn't POST. No hard drives spin up either.

He says he's tried more Vcore and it doesn't solve the problem, so I suppose the board has reached its limit.

I'll warn him of the risks of PCI-e overclock. I'll see what he'll do.

Meanwhile, you guys are awesome!
October 4, 2008 4:33:46 AM

3 minute Prime 95 is not stable. 8 hours minimum. I really doubt 400 is stable at all.
October 4, 2008 5:09:57 AM

You might think of a little more voltage to the NB. I have a Rampage Formula and I left the NB on auto when I first overclocked my E8400 and the board seriously overvolted the NB so it might be a situation like that as well. It also might be a problem of the NB overheating.
October 4, 2008 6:18:52 AM

He's done more than 3 minutes of Prime. He said that it was absolutely stable at 400. Now he's raising it to 410, and says its still fine - I told him to keep raising it as far as he can.

Some users on Newegg said that their TG31-A7 with E8400 was able to reach 4.2GHz stable while others say that it would automatically adjust PCIe so it will burn the video cards. Conflicting messages.
October 4, 2008 6:19:28 AM

yup, try more voltage to nortbridge, step it up one level in bios

i had same problem on my Asus P5K-E which has P35, wouldnt post at all past 415FSB

upped NB volt and boom post no problem

i have the same CPU as well, e8400 and have it running nicely at 3.8ghz

and CPUZ reads a P35 chipset as "P35/G33/G31"
so i am guessing they are similar at the core

October 4, 2008 6:25:39 AM

you can usually adjust the PCIE speed in bios and set it manually to avoid frying the gfx card

October 4, 2008 7:11:25 AM

Man, you guys are helpful!

I'll tell him that and see if he can get it done. Will update as often as I can.