Problem with Sapphire Theatrix 650 Pro TV Tuner

I'm using the PCI version of the Sapphire Theatrix 650 Pro Hybrid Analog/Digital TV Tuner Card.
(note: I'm using a Sapphire Radeon HD3870 card.)
The Theatrix card is bundled with CyberLink PowerCinema. I do not like the CyberLink PowerCinema software.
I'm using 8-3_vista32-64_t550-600-650_wdm_59752 driver for the Theatrix card.
I thought installing the driver package would install the ATI Catalyst Media Center. But it didn't.
On the AMD/ATI website I can't find a download for the Catalyst Media Center.

Has anyone experienced the problem I'm having?

I'm using Vista Media Center to use the Theatrix Card. However Vista Media Center does not have access to all the features of the Theatrix card.

The Catalyst Control Center for the Sapphire Radeon HD3870 card works fine.
Doing a software search on my computer shows the Catalyst Media Center is not installed.

I don't understand why the Catalyst Control Center is installed with the 8-3_vista32_dd_ccc_wdm_enu_59752 driver for the HD3870 card but the Catalyst Media Center is not installed with the 8-3_vista32-64_t550-600-650_wdm_59752 driver for the Theater 650 Pro card.
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  1. Hello zpyrd. I have the exact same TV/Capture card installed in my rig along with the Radeon 3870x2 graphics card.

    You will have to install both drivers individually to get them to work. Install the Catalyst Control Center for your graphics card first, make sure that your drivers install correctly (remove any old drivers from your system first). Reboot your system.

    Next download the drivers for the Theater 550/650 pro TV/Capture card. Begin installation of the Theater 650 drivers. After the software unpacks it will ask you to select between a direct install or custom. Select custom. You will then see a menu which outlines software and drivers already installed in your system and what needs to be installed to update your Theater 650. Click install, and the ATI software should install only the Theater 650 drivers. Reboot and your all good.
  2. One more note. Admittedly, I am not real familiar with the Catalyst Media Center. But if it is similar to the old Multi-Media Center (MMC) via ATI - it would only work with an All-In-Wonder graphics card.

    I may be wrong, but I don't think the Media Center software will function properly with the HD 3870 graphics card
  3. I received an answer from AMD/ATI.

    Catalyst Media Center and Cyberlink PowerCinema are the same program.

    AMD's Reply to my question.

    Unfortunately, you will need to use the Powercinema software which came with the product. Cyberlink makes both Powercinema and Catalyst Media Center (CMC). CMC's user interface is exactly like Powercinema. Powercinema is a higher end piece of software. If you would like to use, you must contact for a compatible version to be used with your product and Windows Vista.
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