Upgrading to 4GB RAM and need to pick a brand.

Hello everyone,

I am upgrading my Toshiba laptop RAM (DDR2-667) to 4GB from 1GB. Windows Vista should run better with 4GB and I have noticed that there are a growing number of laptops with 4GB.

I am trying to decide on what brand of RAM to buy. Basically I will only buy RAM that has a lifetime warranty. Here is the shortlist...

Best prices I could find as of April 20, 2008
Corsair 2GB $50.99
Kingston ValueRAM 2GB $44.99
Mushkin 2GB $39.99
Mushkin 4GB (2x2GB) $84.99
OCZ 2GB $45.99
Patriot 2GB $38.99
Transcend 2GB $40.99

Crucial Rendition 1GB $21.99
*only found 1GB for Crucial. If people say it is really worth it I will keep looking to find 2GB.

From the above list the only brand name that I know as being the best from word of mouth is OCZ. Looking at the best prices I have been able to find Patriot is the least expensive and Corsair is the most expensive.

So what brand does everyone recommend? Also is there a brand that I do not have in the list that I should consider?


I will call Toshiba tomorrow to see if they have a QVL for RAM. Also how good is the Windows Memory Diagnositcs Tool from Windows Vista? Or should I just use MemTest86?
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  1. Stay away from OCZ -- they tend to have compatibility problems.
    Personally, I'd go with this G.Skill: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820231135
    I've used their 1GB and 2GB notebook modules with no problems.
  2. I agree with Mondoman. I have upgraded notebooks in the past with Crucial and with outstanding results. See Configurator.

  3. Generally Kingston and Corsair are the best ones out there, but G.Skill is also an excellent brand. I don't buy G.Skill as much though, because I prefer to buy from American companies. Not that I have anything against Taiwanese or Hong Kong based companies, but I like to support companies in the USA, even if there is a slight price premium or the chips are made in Asia anyway :P.
  4. Thanks for the replies everyone they have been very helpful. The list is down to Corsair, Kingston (I have their USB keys and have been very happy with them), and Crucial (I have to find the 2 GB SO-DIMM and at the price I want).

    Is there anything else I should keep in mind while looking? Price is not a huge factor since, asides from the CPU, the RAM is one of the most imprtant factors in system stability.

    Also I am in Canada, but I will still take a look at the newegg link to see how are prices are relative to the US market. The article TomsHardware did on the relative price of computer components around the world was a very interesting read.

    Also I looked at the Toshiba website (and did a Google search) but I could not find a QVL for RAM. I will give them a call tomorrow and see what they say, after part of the price I paid is for technical support.

    Thanks again for all the replies, and feel free to share any more information because I won't be buying until at least tomorrow.

    Right now I am on the train and I am writing this on my BlackBerry. It would be really cool if the new update to the site works with mobile browsers, because so far the rest of the site works.
  5. I forgot to ask... To test the RAM should I get MemTest86 (I think that is the name; lack of sleep and cannot sleep on trains) or is the Windows Diagnostics Memory Tool equally as good?
  6. Thank you to Mondoman, badge, and doomsdayda vell for posting your comments were helpful.

    I talked with Toshiba and they recommended Kingston as well so that is what I will be going with.

    I found the Kingston 2GB DRR2 667 S0DIMMs for $43.99 Canadian which I am happy with. With the dollar at parity the cheapest in the US I saw was $35.

    After I upgrade and test the RAM (I think I am going to use MemTest86 as well as the Windows Diagnostics Memory Tool) I will post what Windows Vista is like with 4GB.
  7. I have been using my laptop with 4 GB of RAM on Windows Vista for a month and it has made a noticable different.

    That being said for non-gamers the difference is not that dramatic.

    If you do a lot of multi-tasking then 4GB is a must.

    One cool thing, however, is now that I have 4GB of RAM there are times when the CPU usage is 100% and before when I had 1GB of RAM I never reached 100% CPU usage.

    Also once Windows Vista finishes loading the RAM usage is only 32% which is a nice change from before.
  8. Yep, extra RAM helps all around!
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