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i want to backup data from a notebook-hdd, where XP Home is installed. I´ve put it into an usb-case and tried to access via another PC (XP-Prof). Plugging into the USB-port of this PC causes the performance going down, so it isn´t really possible to backup the files. What could i do ??

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  1. when you say you put IT into a USB-CASE. you mean you took the HD from the laptop and put it into an external enclosure? if you try to run XP off an external usb drive, yeah its gonna be slow, HORRIBLY. Now, if you're saying you're only trying to pull the files OFF the external drive onto the XP-Prof? That can take awhile too. you'll prob have to just start to copy the files over and let it run til its done.
  2. I use MS synctoy to copy lots of files over to external. that way if one file gets stuck it will keep going instead of having to restart the whole copy. If the usb exyernal way works, just let it go overnight.
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