Windows Live Msgr - Only 1 user ID cant log in, all others work!

Hi - I have a weird login prob. I cant log into windows live chat under one user name, but all others work for loggin in. I can get into hotmail with this ID and can also log into the web messenger with this id. I have been also able to log into windows live on other computers with this ID. It just wont let me in on this one computer! The error id is 81000306. Most repair suggestions assume that NO logins can occur. Any ideas? I've tried so many and still no success. (have even uninstalled and reinstalled, deleted folders and still no luck) Would appreciate any help. Thx
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  1. I really appreciate the reponse. I am so lost but Yup Yup BTDT - still no success.

    Maybe if I tell you what else I have done it might also shed some light???

    Have tried a few things under the run command such as:
    %appdata%\microsoft and removing the folders

    tried this one too:
    regsvr32 Softpub.dll Mssip32.dll Initpki.dll

    and this:
    ipconfig /flushdns

    and this:
    regsvr32 softpub.dll

    and have gone into this file directory and deleted all kinds of stuff:

    and also done a search for any file which may contain the characters on my non-functioning login name and deleted all that stuff too.

    See the funny thing is, I can log in on other computers to WLM with no probs. I can log in to WLM as anyone else on this computer into WLM.

    This is just beyond me. short of reinstalling windows I dont know what to do. Would this be a registry problem?

    The error code seems to refer to anyone loggin in and it not working. Im stumped.

    thanks so much for your time :)
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