Gigabit router suggestion please

Hello,, I am going to change my network substantially, and would like suggestion for a gigabit router that would fit my needs,, I can't find many "Compare" reviews,, so here I am

I have 2 computers, one Network attached storage (with 2 gigabit ports for load balancing), and a Wan connection that will either be 6mbps or 15,, I havn't decided if I want to upgrade from dsl to cable at 15

I want it to be able to handle P2p Traffic,, I do a lot of downloading, hence the NAS
the NAS can handle a torrent client, which I will be utilizing with this setup
I want the router to be able to prioritize other traffic,
IE if torrent running
but I want to use internet,, It prioritizes that traffic and its not slow as all hell, or it would prioritize traffic between the two computers.. or between the computer and the NAS.. but the NAS out to internet would be lowest priority

Is this possible?
If so, what would best suit my needs
I would prefer it to have a Wireless N availability as well, as I use a laptop and it would be nice to have, but not necessary

Thoughts? Ideas,

Thanks for your time
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  1. Will if you go cable, I'd take a look at the D-link 655 or 855 depending on budget.

    I'm in a similar situation as you, got 2 wired PCs 2 wired servers and 2 wirless PCs at home - plus any additional hardware that comes to the odd LAN party. Currently trying to decide betwean these 2.

    STAY AWAY FROM BELKIN N1 VISION - had nothing but problems with it, keeps dropping con - forums seam to agree its a heat issue with that bit of kit.

    Hope that helps

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