I can't type my password for 10 seconds

I just put together a new computer last night and I am having an issue with the welcome screen in Windows 7 Home Premium. I have only done a few Google searches to find a solution, but I can't find my exact problem anywhere. The problem is that once windows asks for my login's password, I can't type for about 10 seconds. It's very frustrating, because I bought an SSD and I figured it would allow me to start windows a lot faster, but with this wait, it's almost the same.

I am using a USB keyboard and it allows me to access BIOS, etc during startup, so I don't think it's an issue with it not recognizing it fast enough. I have not installed any windows updates. If you need me to list my hardware, please say so. I do not have the time at this moment.

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  1. try a non usb keyboard if you have one--i think you will find it is down to the keyboard--its silly really and has annoyed me for years--you can access the bios with a usb keyboard even without windows or a hard drive being installed but as soon as it hits windows it needs a driver--make sure the keyboard has a driver installed--it may just come up as a human interface device and make sure all the motherboard drivers are installed

    look at the usb settings in the bios--enable usb keyboard and mouse if they arent already and see what other usb options you have that may speed it up recognising the keyboard
  2. Thank you. Installing the driver fixed the issue. Startup is a lot nicer now.
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