Copy/paste bug, and Ethernet controller doesnt work.

Hello, I have a few small problems;

NOTE: I might have given to much information, but better to much than too little. And I am dutch, and my installation of Windows Vista 32bit is dutch so some program names have been translated literally. And pardon my spelling/grammar translations into english.

I recently re-installed Windows Vista 32bit on my HP desktop computer which I have upgraded to these specs: 650W PSU, Pentium 4 650 3.4Ghz CPU, 5Gb DDR2 SDRAM, Geforce 9500 GT 1Gb DDR2 GPU, Edimax Wifi PCI-card and 2x 160Gb HDD (Maxtor (IDE) and Hitachi (SATA)). (the other devices and hardware remain stock. Google; HP, for specs)

It took me quite some time getting the PC together and keeping it stable with adding part by part on the last installation of Windows Vista. I thought with the hardware-upgrade finally complete it would be wise to reinstall Windows so the system would incorporate all new hardware completely with each other and be bug free, because some bugs had sneaked into the system.

Most bugs did "fly off" to bug someone else, but the following bugs stayed/re-appeared after completing the numerous updates for the Windows system, which I did right after intalling the proper drivers for the new hardware, and a virus scanner (avira). I did not install ANYTHING else before making sure I had completed all updates for windows. (took me the better part of a day)

The bug which has stayed messes up the internal ethernet controller in such a way that it's unable to connect to my network. In "networkcentre" it's recieved as "unknown public network". But plugging the same cable in a laptop it did see the network just fine and connects perfectly to it. I have tried numorous things to get it to work but it will not. I even suspect something is wrong with the hardware. I'm now connected to my network by wifi only.

A bug which has returned (although I did not test it thoroughly right after the new installation had completed) makes it frustatingly random for the copy/cut/paste function to work. Both Ctrl+C or V, Ctrl+P, as well as rightclick copy/cut, rightclick paste do not respond every time. I have to try multiple times for it to work.

Both these problems are mere inconveniences but are #@%!*#@ annoying doing the simple stuff like tranferring files to my network drive, or between folders.

Sollutions are very welcome.
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  1. Try a new keyboard and / or mouse for the copy/paste issue.

    Are you getting a proper IP when using the ethernet cable? Is the controller OK in device manager?
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