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I recently got 4 sticks of RAM. Since then I started getting random blue screens (Sometimes @ Idle). I switch back to 32-bit OS from 64-bit OS, but the problem is still there. I need to identify the faulty RAM stick(s). Please somebody suggest me a method to do it..

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  1. are they all identical? did you manually set the settings, or just plug and go?
    if so what type/model sticks did you get?

    Ultimately to identify the sticks you need to google the Ultimate Boot CD, and run memtest86 with just one stick of ram installed. let it run for a long time, then try the next stick. You may however just need to set voltage and timings differently.
  2. You probably need to check the Voltage and timings.

    For PC6400 800 MHz you probably need 2.1v or 2.2v if its performance ram.

    Auto doesnt usually cut it for 4G.
  3. I'm using PC6400 800MHz RAM. Voltage and timings set to auto. They are not identical either. You guys are saying that it cannot be RAM sticks that causing the problem but the settings I have used. I got those sticks from Kingston after replacing my 2GB performance RAM kits. What do you guys suggest. 2GB of Performance RAM or 4GB of cheaper value RAM.
  4. Why don't you start with a link to the RAM, preferably on Newegg.com, and a complete list of your specs. How do you expect to get any meaningful advice otherwise.
  5. Nobody's saying that it CAN'T be your RAM, but it COULD be your settings. First thing to check is your settings to make sure everything is at the recommended settings.

    Once that is done assuming you've changed something in your settings, then try to do whatever it is you do to make it BSOD. If it stops, voila. If not, then take out all but one stick of RAM and do stuff to make it fail. No problems? Insert another. No problems? Another...etc. If/when you run in to another BSOD, then determine if it's the last stick you put in by removing all other sticks (except for the last one you've inserted) and do stuff to make it BSOD. Problem persist? Try moving it to another slot. Still? Then it's probably your RAM. Does it stop after moving it to another slot? Put another stick in the same slot and try. Still having problems? Then it's your slot (and thus motherboard).

    You just want to use process of elimination for every PC problem. It's not rocket science...
  6. Quote:
    Don't worry, I can do it if you can't. :sarcastic:
    You da man :pfff:

    I checked his configuration and it was there. Here it is for any one else.
    E6550@2.80GHz, ASUS P5K, ASUS EAX1600PRO 512MB, Kingston 4GB (PC2-6400@4-4-4-10) , Hitachi Deskstar 160GB SATA x2, Creative Soundblaster Audigy Value, Creative Inspire M5500 5.1, ASUS TA-B4 Case, ASUS DRW-2014L1T DVD-RW Drive
    Ok, for starters go back to the stock clock of 2.33G and see if that clears your crashes. Post your results.

    Or you could follow athauglas's advice and spin around in circles while rubbing your belly and tapping your head. :lol:
  7. Quote:
    HEY, that's not hard to do.

    The overclock is minor but definitely a confound... where'd you find his config?

    EDIT: nevermind, I just found the link. Derp.
    That's why it's so frustrating when people post questions and don't provide any information. It's like shooting in the dark. Two pages later you find out things like the OC or some other piece of info that is pertinent. I should have looked before I bytched but more often then not there is no data there. I'm not saying it's the OC, but that's definitely the place to start. We could have chased our tails for a couple of pages needlessly, and I'm tired of doing that. If I'm going to banter about BS then it will be my BS.

    It's not the end of the world, but I've said post your specs more times than I can count.

    Pretty funny retort on my part though aye? :lol:
  8. scumm4, you should probably start a new thread, in order to keep them separate and avoid a hijack. Post it in the memory section so we can find it.
  9. umeshnk, are you still around? Did you set the CPU to stock speed? Any feedback?
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