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i have an old hardrive from my HP computer and im planning to move it to a new CPU and MOBO would i have to reinstall everything or would my old hardrive recognize the new CPU and mobo and what about my games and other programs install would they still be there sheld some light please
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  1. You will need to format and reinstall windows. HP tailors their OS's to their specific hardware. You could try to repair the current install, but a clean format is best to get rid of that HP version (garbage) of an OS.
  2. omg i dont know how to do that =(
  3. It's pretty simple. You just need an OS disc.

    1. Change the boot order in the bios to boot off the optical drive first.
    2. insert the OS disc into the drive
    3. restart pc
    4. you should then see a message to 'hit any key to continue'.
    5. windows will start the format and install process
  4. i bought 1 terabyte hardrive and got my computer guy to install windows on my computer i would have tried doing it myself if i have windows wista thanks a lot for the help guys
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