Can I connect an 8800 640mb gts with an 8800 320mb in SLI?


I was thinking of going sli and while looking at the prices saw that the 8800 320mb gts is cheaper than the 8800 640mb gts. Can I hook these two up in SLI? Will that work or do they have to be exactly the same?


Here they are:

8800 320mb gts:

8800 640mb gts:
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  1. [:mousemonkey:2] In theory 'yes' you can, but you will end up with two 320s.
  2. to rayn:

    Do the cards have to be same model?
    I answer it with an example:
    You have a NVIDIA Geforce 7800GTX 256, and you want to add another card , the second card has to be 7800GTX exactly.

    But what about the memory? Can you add a 7800GTX 512 and use that with 7800GTX 256?
    It's recommended to use a 7800GTX 256 with a 7800GTX 256 and 7800GTX 512 with 7800GTX 512.
    However you can use a 7800GTX 256 with 7800GTX 512 , BUT the 7800GTX 512 will lower its clock to operate with the 256 one , so it wont have its true power. (This option isn't recommended )
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