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After much reading and searching I finally chose my system but feel unsure of my power supply:

Antec 900 case - Asus pk5-e wifi motherboard, OCZ StealthXStream OCZ600SXS PSU, Q6600 G0 to be over clocked to 3.2, 3.4 or 3.6 on tuniq tower, 4GB of dual channel pc6400 in 2 sticks, 8800GT graphics card (not OC), 1 and sometimes 2 HD's and a DVD burner.

It has 4 rails and most people consider it to be of good quality and powerful. However a few reviewers complained that wires may be too short if the PSU is bottom mount. Others said it worked fine. *confused* :pfff: Some also said it didn't have many legacy connectors. I will use mostly SATA, but I would like to be able to hook up IDE HD or even IDE DVD rom once in a while.

Was it a good choice or will I be sorry later? ;-) I could maybe return the PSU and spend another $50-$70, but I'm not sure what to look at or even if I need to worry. The other concern is that I wanted a case that my computer could automatically adjust fan speeds in the case since I'm IDLE 90% of the time and hoped to keep it quiet. I'm looking into a fan controller for the Antec 900, but it won't be automatic from what I heard.

Did I do well, or was there something way better out there for PSU (or even the case?). Is it ok for Antec 900? What do you guys think? Maybe I just have the "waiting for the system" jitters, lol. :lol:


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  1. That's a decent PSU for the price, I'd go a head and see how it works in the case, if it doesn't have long enough cables return it. If you can get your money back, probably not, get this one;
  2. Thanks chuckm. Hopefully the one I ordered will work out. Thanks for the link to the 550W corsair. It could be an option.. I didn't want to give off the impression I was trying to get the very cheapest psu... At the same time, I don't like to be one of those that spend for a 1000watt when maybe I only need 600watts. I do like to try to get nice things though, lol. In other words, if it's not too unreasonable, I sometimes spend more for better stuff. For example, if I saw an awesome 700watt PSU that was modular for $130, I might get it. 550watts is about the lowest I get before getting worried I might not have enough power someday. I'm not sure exactly what I should have, but 600 watts is hopefully right. My order won't ship until Friday, so if I see something really great I could still change it... Maybe. And if not, I'll see how the OCZ PSU does. It's probably pretty good and I'm worrying for nothing. Anyway, thanks for the reply.
  3. The antek 900 is another solid performer, cable management leaves a little to be desired, but there are work arounds for that. You can definately do your own modifications on that. Just search the case modding area, plenty of thaing to look at there.

    Corsair makes a nice power suppy and they get great reviews. Heres another option. Its only 520 watts, little lower than you were looking for, but a rock solid power supply and it has modular connectors.
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