8800 GTS 320MB @ 1680X1050 experiences?

Hi, will be getting a new Samsung 2032BW 20" (Pebble) WS tommorow, i wondered how my card will handle this resolution?

Games played:

Crysis, COD4, Sup Comm, World in Conflict, Oblivion, Stalker, COH etc will be playing Asssasin etc FC 2 on release, and other new games.

If anyone has info about how any games play with a setup like mine i'd love to hear:

Vista 32bit
2 GIG PC6400
8800 GTS 320MB
E4300 (1.8GHZ) @ STOCK.

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  1. I had the GTS 640 before I got the 512 I have now, and it was a very solid card. With my system (in sig) it gave me 60+ fps on COD4, Oblivion, and Stalker, ~30 in Crysis on High settings no AA, ~40 on WiC, and I didn't really try the others.

    The only time the 640 will have any advantage over the 320 is in higher resolutions, so if you're having trouble with some of them, try bumping down the resolution and see how it goes from there.

    Hopefully this helps.
  2. icaley:

    I was pretty sure that 320MB would be ok at this res, seems my card will tide me over nicely until i get a GT!!!

    Thanks for the reply.
  3. The only game you're going to have lots of trouble with is Crysis. You might be able to play it on medium, and I'm not sure how good the performance will be....:(
  4. I thought that the 320mb wasn't quite enough for me at 1680x1050 in Oblivion and Quake Wars, but I like turning all my settings up. Overall I'd say 1680x1050 is right around the limit of the 320mb of memory, especially with AA turned on.
  5. I have a XFX XXX 8800GTS 320mb, and besides crysis, everything i play can be maxed out. I'm also using an old amd fx-60 oc'd to 3ghz to push it, so i'm sure its being bottlenecked a bit. Oblivion, Bioshock, Witcher, Stalker, and COD4 all range from 30-60 fps, everything on high at 1650x1050. I have an Acer 22" btw. My gfx card is one of the overclocked out of the box editions, so your results may vary somewhat, but for the most part expect to be satisfied. In crysis i could run somethings on high and somethings on medium, but i think even the greatest system has to tweak a little bit on the settings to get the game to be playable at all times.
  6. I used a 320MB GTS at 16x10 on an Acer 22" and before Crysis, Oblivion was the only game it struggled at some. Crysis however the card really struggled at that resolution. I ran some high and some medium too, but it got real slow in spots. You'll be happy if you don't expect to stay over 20 fps nor go higher than 16x10 medium in crysis.
  7. There's a patch that supposedly helps Oblivion run more smoothly: Streamline 3.0

    It clears out the cell buffer and VRAM as you play. I read about it in PC Gamer but haven't had the time to try it.

    Surely this sort of mod really helps cards like the 320.
  8. Hi you should overclock your video with rivatuner up to 630 core / 2000 memory / 512 shadersclock in order to take more fps like i did in crysis...

    You can also try nbitor to flash your bios so everytime you enter a 3d application like a game the videocard can... if you desired to ...auto overclock in such applications...

    In crysis all in Very High Quality i obtain 40 fps at 1280 * 1024 obviously with the xp patch dx10 ...

    If u want info or the patch email me ...osmd@hotmail.com...

    My specs Gigabyte g31ms2l E2180 (2.0Ghz ...overclocked 2.81 Ghz)
    2 Gbs Ram Corsair 800 ...PNY 8800 gts 320mb...
  9. I had an evga 8800 GTS 320mb before I stepped up to the GTS 512. I push the same 1680x1050.

    It's a solid card that overclocks well. You should have no problem hitting 20-40 fps in crysis @ medium with shaders and effects at high. Everything else you can pretty much max out, tho WiC might get a bit choppy.
  10. I have the EVGA GTS 320MB too, the non OC'd one.

    Thanks to all, i might well try OC'ing my card a little, but at least i know i don't have to rush out and buy something with a larger memory.
  11. I have a BFG 8800GTS 320 OC 550/800. Since my LCD is just 17" so 320MB is all i need.
    i OC it easily to 600 Mhz and mem to 920 mhz. The patch for Crysis and a 80-100 Mhz overclock on a stock GTS should give you a 6-9 FPS boost, wich is pretty good.
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