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I have an Inno3D GeForce 8800GTS, which I use to run two monitors, and now I need another graphics-card to support a third (and possibly later a fourth) monitor using DVI.

I thought any PCI-Express x1 card would do, so I bought an ATI Radeon X1550. But I now see, that is not going to work, since apparently NVidia and ATI can't co-exist. If I make one the primary, the other one is disabled and vice versa.

This is my motherboard: GA-P35-DS3R

I run Vista 32bit and have 4 gigs of RAM.

What is the best way for me to hook up a third and later fourth screen? What card would I need, and can I be sure it will work?
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  1. Bump! Come on, somebody has to have some input on this! :)
  2. I saw your message when you posted it and marked it, hoping that somebody would tell us how to do it. I have the same problem, with my GA-P35C-DS3R.

    I'm guessing that you'd have better luck with an nVidia card instead of an ATI, so that you don't have to mix nVidia and ATI drivers. Can you still return the X1550?

    I don't see anything suitable for PCI-E x1, at least not at newegg. There are some PCI solutions, mostly FX 5200 or 6200 or MX 4000.

    I used to have an MX 4000 (except it was AGP 4x, not PCI). It was good enough for Diablo at 800x600 and movies at 1680x1050.

    This won't really do for me because I need all the PCI slots, but I guess I can get a USB-based TV tuner or modem to free a slot.
  3. a 8600gt could work if you are not interest in doing sli
  4. thats odd, i ran a 1800xt (pcie x16) & 5200fx (pci) at the same time, having both catalyst & forceware installed, on XP though. This a vista issue?

    exactly what problem are you having, do the drivers not play nice together?

    edit: 2nd'd amddiesel
  5. The Nvidia drivers for the 8800GTS also supports a number of geforce cards down to the 6100. I think you would be successful with a pci evga 6200
    In the bios, you will have to designate which card is to be used for booting.
  6. tomasf said:
    a 8600gt could work if you are not interest in doing sli

    You missed the part about GA-P35-DS3R. That motherboard has no second PCI-E x16 slot where you could put the 8600GT. That's why we're talking PCI-E x1 or PCI here...
  7. XP is nice about 2 different video cards. Vista requires that both cards use the same driver - so they must be the same generation of card. Nuf said. PCI-E x1 cards are few and far between which is dissapointing because i was trying to do the same thing. Look at PCI cards instead. the best PCI card will perform roughly the same as an x1 card - not so great, but you get the display and thats what matters.

    Stranger options exist - You can get a USB video adapter but it won't do high resolution or play video very well. Again, you will be able to use a second screen so it depends on what you are doing.
  8. Thanks for some good responses.

    I need the third and may later fourth screen for playing many pokertables at once, so it is not very demanding graphics-wise.

    strpdgato>> I get a rundll32 something error, and a message that some drivers do not play nice (can't remember the exact wording).

    rockbyter>> I have read this other places as well - that Vista needs to use the same driver. You say "same generation" - could you give me an example of a PCI og PCI Express card that could use the same driver?
  9. I found this card at my local "newegg"-like site:

    Club 3D GeForce 6200 (128 MB)
    NVidia GeForce 6200 / 400 MHz / 85 Hz / PCI

    This only has one DVI, but... I guess I can live with that for now, since two DVI outs does not seem to be an option right now, without changing my motherboard - and that card is dirt-cheap.
  10. Only one choice for you:

    Geforce 6200LE pci card, $35 after $10 rebate (free shipping)
  11. I installed a 6200 series PCI card today, and it works perfectly!
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