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here's the deal,my sister gave me a computer that was completely virues to hell-it had xp home editiion on it.i used my vista disk to wipe it but i cant use it because i used all my activation i burned a xp disk figuring i could use the key that came with the computer that was given to me.but when i put the xp set up disk into the CD and boot from the CD it wont work because vista overrides xp and it wont wipe clean for a new wondering if there is a way to remove vista so i can have a clean harddrive to install the xp back into it?..if i put the vista cd back in will i be able to wipe the HD without installing vista again?
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    An XP boot disk will wipe out anything on the drive. Just tell it to format and create a new partition. Vista is not even running when you boot off a CD, so it has no say in "overriding" anything. Just make sure that the XP key you have matches the XP version you are using or the key probably won't work.
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