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I don't really know where this post belongs but I was wondering if someone could please tell me some good online resources that have information on how computers work (I’m talking about hardware). I just haven’t had much luck finding sites with info for people with varying levels of experience while being up to date. It would be great if there were a site with video lessons. I’ve found sites that show me how to put pcs together but I’m looking for meatier information.

thx in advance the help
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  1. you can always try, try looking for info on individual components instead of just computers in general (if thats what you have done)
    also, first post on the memory and cpu forums here have pretty good guides with definitions and such (mem and mobo faq are first 2 posts) (cpu buyers guide has some good info too)

    try these too:
    and many other articles at hardware secrets are good

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