Newbie with RAID ?'s

I recently built my first computer so I'm completely green when it comes to this. If ask a question that is common sense, please forgive my ignorance. That's why I'm here to learn.
I currently have an ASUS P5Q deluxe mobo running (4) 1TB HDD in RAID 5. I want to change over to a true hardware RAID controller card, one to take the strain off my processor and two, so I can add more HDD's to my RAID volume.

When swapping over to a controller card, will it recognize my data as long as I keep them in RAID 5 and in the same order as they are on my mobo?

I've looked around for cards compatible with Vista 64 and so far Areca looks to be about the only one. Is this true and are there any others?

Do all my HDD's have to be the same size in RAID 5?

Thanks in advance!!
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  1. You want to migrate your fake RAID array to a real RAID controller? Won't work ofcourse.

    Be ready to copy everything if you want to change RAID engine. Areca is good, be sure to go PCI-express.

    And yes, your disks will need to be the same size, as with any striping RAID. Other 1TB disks might come short a few megabytes; so make sure you setup Areca with capacity truncation enabled.
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