Intel graphics to impact upon NVidia and DAAMIT>

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  1. Well, I hope it comes true, competiton is almost always a good thing, can you imagine Intel doing high end GPU's...I can't, they will most likely start at the low end IMO.
  2. Yeah, though I probably won't be purchasing intel gpus lol.
  3. nah..... Highly unlikely considering how well the new 780G compares against the Intel's integrated. You also have to consider VIA now, they seems to have a PCIe based low end card for about $30 that is a little lower than a 8500.
  4. Honestly the way I see it, if intel wants to cause an impact on the graphics market and wants to be seen as a real player then they need to release their first GPU as a top-of-the-line that can spank ATI and nvidia offerings back to their corners, because "The first impression is what counts" comes to mind in this situation.

    What they need right now is not money (they got enough), they need to create a reputation for themselves with the consumers, and that is not something that can be bought, it can only be easily achieved by taking the performance crown on their very first serious push on the graphics market, even if there is low/no availability and midrange comes later. Otherwise it might take them a few years to create that reputation after several successful product launches.

    At this point they are still on time to choose their approach, either sneak in to the market unnoticed making money or lose money/break even but enter with guns blazing showing that they are above everyone else.
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