MSI motherboard - SATA drive configuration (do not want RAID)

I just purchased a new SATA drive and it is not being recognized by the BIOS on the MSI MSI PM8M-V.
However, the RAID configuration does see it after the BIOS does its post.

I do not want to use this in a RAID, just a regular drive.
I've read that some have gone into the BIOS and toggled a setting that will accomplish this, but my BIOS does not have this option.

What have you done to fix this issue ? What BIOS version do you have ? Any help greatly appreciated.
Not being able to toggle something like this is ridiculous !!!

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  1. in the bios there should be an option where you can choose the function of the SATA controller.IDE/RAID and there is another one i cant remember.
  2. I wish there were some SATA settings, but I've been through the BIOS a dozen times and there are not any. I don't know if I need to flash the BIOS to a different version or if I'm just outta luck. All I know is with this current BIOS, I am out of luck.

    I've tried updating the SATA drivers, reset the motherboard, etc. no luck so far......
  3. did you format the new drive in device manager?
  4. it says drive not recognise by bios no its the I/O problem of the mobo or the HD itself.

    always read thread clearly before reply:)
  5. "always read thread clearly before reply :)" .....
    If you are going to be a donkey, so am I buddy -

    Read my original post again......

    The BIOS does not see the HD. ( it only shows the IDE drives)
    There IS a RAID configuration manager that comes up after the BIOS that DOES see the SATA HD.
    It's not a IO or a HD issue - it's a configuration issue that I cannot get past.
    Do not know if it is a BIOS version or what - that's where danny boy needs some help.
  6. ok, would help to know what bios your board is sporting, MSI's site says it could be AMI or Award. I tried to find the manual for your board on the MSI site, but all I came up with was a trouble shooting guide. Which does speak to setting up the bios to support SATA drives for boot.

    Here's the link:

    once at the page search for [ No Boot (system does post) - SATA configuration ] it has an iteration for both bios.

    I hope this helps. My MSI board is newer and the settings are vastly different than what is on this page.

    Good Luck,
  7. I had the same issue you described. The bios didnt recognize the sata device in the main menu, but it was recognized in the raid configuration manager. Do you already have a raid array set up on that system? I ran in to the same problem with my Asus P6X58D. It turns out my motherboard does either raid or no raid, but not both at the same time. Does anyone know of a motherboard that can handle a raid array and other hard disks not in raid? or does anyone know of a way to accomplish this?
  8. To recognise the SATA HDD in your MSI PM8M -V. First enter the bios menu, go to Integrated Peripherals, Then VIA on Chip IDE then on SATA mode Select IDE instead of RAID. There you go. your SATA HDD will now work like a IDE and it will now be recognised as IDE. you can now use it.a regular drive

  9. Thanks joelito, you saved me from having to buy a new computer (for now).

    Here's my tale, might help someone who still encounters similar:

    Windows XP / Western Digital (WD) 2TB SATA HDD drive replacing (2) IDE (PATA) drives / MSI PM8M-V motherboard:

    To begin, I installed the SATA drive with my IDE drives still active.

    Initially, BIOS did not see the SATA drive.

    So I did this:

    " joelito18 09-15-2010 at 04:36:55 AM -- To recognise the SATA HDD in your MSI PM8M-V. First enter the bios menu, go to Integrated Peripherals, Then VIA on Chip IDE then on SATA mode Select IDE instead of RAID. There you go. Your SATA HDD will now work like a IDE and it will now be recognised as IDE."

    Still, Windows XP did not recognize the SATA drive (it did show up on BIOS and when using "DOS" utilities). Checked XP's Device Manager and saw a RAID Controller with a warning message that the device was not usable. I let Windows select a driver for me, and the device became:

    Standard Dual Channel PCI IDE Controller

    XP could now see the drive, though I probably should have used the MSI drivers for SATA/RAID (assuming they exist).

    Now I neded to copy my old HDDs as partitions to the SATA drive.

    An old partition utility, "Partition Magic", and the "WD Data Lifeguard Tools" were mostly unhelpful and often counter-productive (Partition Magic apparently can't handle 2TB drives).

    However, WD Data Lifeguard Tools did say that it updated Windows to completely work with 137GB or greater partitions.

    So I tried the "GParted" ( partition utility, but it did not seem to get Boot partition activated correctly (MBR problem?).

    Used WD Acronis True Image ( for copying the Boot partition (C: drive).

    ((Remember, that the Boot Partition copy must have been made after you intalled the driver for the "RAID Controller". Otherwise, the new Boot partion won't boot because XP won't see the drive it is booting from.))

    I did use GParted for the F: drive (my second PATA HDD) to copy to the SATA 2TB drive as a second Primary partition.

    I removed my old IDE/PATA drives.

    ((BTW, there is a utility in the Administrative tools for XP called "Computer Management". If you run that, and go to the Storage section, Disk Management subsection, click on Disk Management. Your HDDs are displayed and you can make a Partition active there. Also you can assign a drive letter to your drive or partition.))


    Finally, I ran the WD Align utility for large WD "Advanced" drives, but it pronounced my drive was already OK.

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