22" Monitor- which one is the BEST for gaming???

Hey guys, I'm having trouble on deciding over these two monitors. I'm a big fan of both samsung and HP monitors, and I think these two are among my top choices for a 22" inch monitor after reading many reviews on monitors. I just can't seem to choose one. I'll like to buy a gaming monitor.

Samsungs 2232BW vs 2232GW

and HPs w2207 vs w2207h

What are their differences? and in the end, what is the best monitor of these choices for GAMING ?

Thanks in advance !
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  1. Not sure on the differences between those monitors, you'd have to look up their specs (official site) or reviews (google) unless others here have experience with them.

    For gaming though, the more or less undisputed 22" gaming LCD is the Samsung 226BW because of its 2ms response time. Faster response times are better for gamers to avoid 'ghosting' effects, although many gamers are happy with 5ms. A 5ms monitor would likely be fine if you play more RTS and RPG than FPS and racing, for example (faster movement on screen = more need for faster refresh).

    Again though, google is your friend and he would love to give you lots of links to sites that have reviewed the 226BW. And in most cases, compare it to similar monitors so you can pretty much get a look at all your top choices :)
  2. My 20" is dying atm, i will be looking at the Samsung 2232BW
    There are still issues with Samsung using pannels from different manufacturers with this model.

    The 'S' panel is the best, however all the other panels still perform to specification, but the colours out of the box can be quite bad.

    According to Behardware, the best gaming 22" would be the Iiyama ProLite E2201W

    What they say...
    " First of all, our main reservation about this screen is its very narrow viewing angles. Sometimes when looking at the center of the monitor you may get the impression that the upper part of the screen is darker. This isn’t a problem with your vision and on the contrary you have a sharp eye.

    On the lighter side, we really liked its reactivity for the moderate price as well as the assurance of having a Samsung panel. (No risk of having a poor overdrive contrary to the 226BW series). In addition, after manual adjustment color fidelity was rather good."
  3. I've got a Samsung 226BW with a "S" panel and I think its very good. The only way I see to improve it much is for it to be a 24 inch widescreen, which I plan to buy when I get my tax rebate.
  4. Ive got the 20" version of the HP you're looking at. IMHO, it's an awesome LCD. Great colors, and I've never seen any ghosting in games. I play COD 4, Fear and other FPS games. Quality wise, it's built very well.
  5. Thanks for all the replies, does anyone know the difference between

    HP w2207 and HP w2207h? these are the two that I narrowed it down to
  6. I hope i'm not derailing this thread but i am also looking forward to buy a 22" screen and i'm curious how many people have issues with dead pixels?
  7. After checking some reviews on those Samsungs they seem to be really solid units, unfortunately the two places I usually buy from (NCIX online and CanadaComputers locally) don't seem to carry them yet ><

    I've only come across one dead pixel and that was on a friend's older 19" LCD. We fixed it though by gently 'rubbing' it or rolling it with your knuckle. Sometimes that works, sometimes not. Thankfully it worked because it was right in the middle of his screen :)

    There are extended 'dead pixel' warranties you can get, I think most are for 1 year but I've bought two 19" LCDs and passed on it both times.
  8. I love my HP w2207. I would take this over any other 22 incher.
  9. ragsters said:
    I would take this over any other 22 incher.

    That will give me horrible nightmares for weeks.
  10. This might be a dumb question, so I apologize in advance.

    When games are set to a wide resolution (1600 x 1050, for example) do the on-screen proportions remain the same? In other words, if I were playing Crysis at 1600 x 1200 on one monitor (a normal 4:3 ratio) and 1600 x 1050 on a second (wide), would the second monitor's screen image be stretched (wider weapon, enemies, etc.) or would everything remain the same, proportionally, with only the amount of image on-screen at one time changing?

    It's like HDTV. You can buy an expensive wide screen plasma, but if you don't have the actual HD service you're going to be watching a bunch of fat heads all day long.

    I can't stand the fat head effect... is what I'm getting at. If these wide screen monitors make everything fat, I'll pass, tyvm.
  11. um i highly doubt it stretches it. if so im not seeing it lol. im playing on a Hanns-g 22 inch widescreen. resolution is 1680x1050 looks fine.
  12. As long as you select the proper resolution, nothing will be stretched. The vast majority of games will add horizontal pixels for wide screen, while some are stupid and take away vertical pixels to get the wide screen "effect". Some games, like Warcraft 3, don't support wide screen no matter what, so you are stuck with stretched gameplay for widescreen (the fat head effect ;)). Or you just play at 1600x1200 or whatever and have the black bars on the side of the screen, so no big deal.

    If you are curious about what some games look like in wide screen resolutions, check out this site:


    Wide Screen Gaming Forum tells you if a game natively supports wide screens resolutions. If one doesn't, they tell you how to force the game to do so. Some games just don't support wide screen period, and they tell you that too.
  13. i use a samsung sync master 226bw and i like it, my first wide screan monitor cant get used to it lol but havent had any issues.
  14. I have a KDS from newegg and it looks really great and work nice with games.
  15. Anyone has an opinion on these three Monitors?

    Viewsonic VX2240W
    Viewsonic VP2250WB
    Samsung 2253BW

  16. asdfsystema said:
    Thanks for all the replies, does anyone know the difference between

    HP w2207 and HP w2207h? these are the two that I narrowed it down to

    Did anybody actually answer this question? I see about an 80.00 difference in the two monitors as well as the inputs which I don't understand the difference. The "h" I assume is better.
  17. no one ever answered the question, and people keep going on and on about how they love there 226bw, but you can't get them any more, they are discontinued, as well as the 2232bw and the 2232gw. So what is a gamer to do when you don't live in the UK, and can't get a Iiyama ProLite E2201W?

    I am screwed.... :??:
  18. hey, dumb question, completely off topic, but is anyone here on MSN?
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