RAID 1 broken. I've done it again

Hi all

I had 2 250 GB disks (Disk1, Disk2)connected to a PCI SATA RAID controller. They were in a RAID 1 set.
One of the disks (Disk2) went bad a couple of months ago and I didn't bother RMA'ing it until yesterday.
So the machine was basically running a RAID 1 setup with Disk1 until yesterday when I cleared the CMOS.

Then it would not longer accept Disk1 as a valid disk for RAID 1 set and required another disk, which I didn't have on hand.

So I had to remove the working Disk1 from the PCI RAID set and I plugged it into my motherboards sata connector (as a regular disk). I tried using getdataback on it but like I always though, it was of no use on this. I can see the Disk1 in my computer management > Disk Management, but it is not initialized.

My questions : If I put this Disk1 back into the external RAID Sata controller (in the same Sata port that it originally was in) and then put another new 250 GB disk (Disk2) with it to create a RAID 1 set, will it wipe all the data on Disk1 or will it mirror the contents of my Disk1 on my new disk (new disk2 that I will be getting after RMA'ing my old broken Disk2).

Will the data on my Disk1 250 GB disk still be there ??

Will I be able to use a recovery software to recover files once the disk is connected to the external RAID controller (This is same controller the working disk was connected to when all the data was written to it)?

Sigh, this is the second time I'm losing data. Although the first was not because of RAID (that was when I decided to use RAID1)

Can someone that has the experience with this kind of situation please help me out. Thanks a lot.
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  1. You're talking about a PCI SATA RAID controller and an "external RAID controller". I do not understand how you can be using both for the same array. Could you explain this in more detail?

    Also, you don't have a backup? You know RAID is no backup and a backup is worth more than any RAID level, right?
  2. Oh sorry. I meant the PCI SATA controller and not an external RAID controller. Only a PCI Sata controller and my motherboards sata port are in the picture in this issue.

    Yes, that was my mistake I guess. No backup :( .

    Is there a solution to this ? Will the data still remain intact if I bring back my disk1 (that had al the data) into a RAID1 set on the same PCI controller with another new DISK2 ?

    Thanks for your reply.
  3. Double post.
  4. Why don't you simply replace the failed drive, repair/rebuild the array then make a proper backup?
  5. Now there was 1 failed drive and I had unplugged the working drive out of that PCI Sata controller because the SATA controller said no drive present (even though the controller detected the drive).

    That drive was running my OS too.

    That is my question . If I plug in the drive that was working, in the same SATA port of the PCI sata controller, and then add the new disk , will it mirror the data back, esp because I removed both the disks out of the controller ?

    Because I'll have my new disk in 3-4 days. So I don't want something to happen where when I plug both back in together, it wipes off all data and shows it as a fresh disk or something ?

    Because now, when I plugin both the hard disks (one old and one new), it is going to ask me to create a RAID1 set - I'm not sure what impact this will have on the data - this is what I wanted to know. I'm thankful for any reply.

    This is the first time I've used RAID. I really appreciate the help.
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